Sunday, December 18, 2011

The tree is a monster

Vienna today
Gwenyth has arrived and has unloaded all her supplies in the kitchen. She did not have much room for clothes but we have plenty of those for winter in Norway so she will be just fine.

Importantly – she has brought additional supplies of essentials such as Bushells Extra Strong Tea Bags.  

Today is beautiful and sunny in Vienna but it is a balmy 5° with a minimum of 0° so I am not even wearing my big coat and woolliest scarves and gloves when we go out.

Molly arrives from Paris on Thursday so we will theoretically have a full house. We actually have five bedrooms but Cate and I use the upstairs ones for our studies so we really only have two guest bedrooms and as Molly was last to arrive she has the bathroom with the kitty litter in it.

It will be just like home as this is what she has in Paris with her cat Merlin.

Yesterday we bought our Christmas tree and as a special treat we took Gwenyth with us as soon as we picked her up from the airport and settled her in.

We bought it from the farmers from Niederösterreich who have the same spot just near us each year in Modenapark.

Gwenyth chose a 5 metre monster and we sealed the purchase with the farmers by having a glass of pear schnapps with them. The young farmer wheeled it home for us on a trolley and we then had to get it up four flights of stairs – and through our front door.

This was a task of herculean proportions and required every ounce of strength and ingenuity. After much panting, grunting, suffering, sweating and heaving we got the monster – somewhat the worse for wear – into the apartment.

Unsurprisingly – it did not fit so I chopped off the top metre and then we stood it upright - undid it’s net - and it sprang into its full glory and the rear of the lounge room disappeared from view.

It is by far the biggest tree we have ever had and is much too big for the apartment - but is quite gorgeous. Sissi loves it and has been exploring it extensively.

We have weighed up the pros and cons of putting decorations on the tree – because of the Sissi factor – and have opted just for lights.


  1. No matter what the pay, that sounds like an awesome job, to have Snapps with every customer. I would have to ask for Béné, of course. Your indoor forest looks great.

  2. with all the problems getting it in, I think you may need a chain saw to get it out. Make sure the cats are not hiding in it first.

  3. After much panting, grunting, suffering, sweating and heaving we got the monster – somewhat the worse for wear – into the apartment.

    What - no swearing? And who was more worse for wear - the tree or the humans?

  4. I think it's perfect. Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I think I see an alien Christmas ghost hiding out in the left back corner of your living room!

  6. Just lights on a tree is magical at night. Enjoy.

  7. Love a real tree for Christmas - none of us can be bothered so we aren't even putting up our fake tree this year !!!!!

    Enjoy !

  8. A cat I knew once used to play with the cord of its owner's electric blanket. I hope Sissi doesn't get the idea of chewing the lights...

    BTW, the tree looks wonderful. Last time we had a real one I was bitten by nasties all up my arms and upper body. Not nice. Hope yours has been freed of such pests.

  9. What a lovely tree. I hope it perfumes your apartment, as beautifully as those of my youth.

  10. esb: Well he was wise enough not to drink any!

    li'l Muppet-lhead: In fact I cannot get it out. I have to cut it up and burn it.

    nzm: One of us may have said 'bother' The tree has a bit of a lean because the base got a bit bent. We were Ok after a few glasses of wine.

    SK Waller: Thanks

    freefalling: You do indeed - but it's friendly

    fmcgmccllc: It is indeed magical with Vienna as the backdrop

    Me: I think we only do it because we are here

    Annie: She seems to not be that stupid. No we have no pests at all.

    Merricks. Yes the aroma is delightful.

  11. lorenzothellama: No and I am not planning on doing this - although I bet I could get it from Bobby's.

  12. love the GIANT tree! we are going home to england this year for christmas so decided not to get a tree. *sad face

  13. angiv: ah but you will have a white Christmas!