Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Vegemite has arrived

Felix and Sven

Well Gwenyth arrived – but without her bags. Of course this caused a major panic because she was carrying supplies of Vegemite and Jameson.

But all is well because the bags arrived later in the afternoon and we are now well stocked up with Vegemite for the next year and have at least enough Jameson for Christmas and Norway.

Tonight we went to our new favourite restaurant which is Artner and we have been there a number of times recently. We get these fetishes about restaurants and Artner is the recipient of the latest fetish.

But – without doubt - the best restaurant in Vienna is Ein Wiener Salon. We have always loved it but we rarely go there because it is a smoking restaurant.

We were walking back from our usual Friday night dining place - Al Borgo  and on the spur of the moment - as we were walking past Ein Weiner Salon - and it looked so good – and we had such good memories - we thought we would brave the smoke for one time.

I went in and asked Felix if he had a table for the Saturday night and he hesitated - and then asked his partner Sven - but we got in. There was a problem because a waiter was sick.

(Sven and Felix are gay. Sven is the Chef. Felix is the waiter and sous-chef. Both of them smoked.)

It was – as usual – sensational. I was particularly bold and told Felix that the reason we did not come more often was that we were both allergic to smoke. 

He did not react so I got nervous and apologised and said that I did not mean to offend.

Felix then said that he and Sven had got married a few months ago and that Sven had given up smoking – and that Felix had not – so that the whole business had turned into a Goat Thing and that now Sven had turned into the non-smoker from Hell.

Sounds like us.


  1. I have been smoke free for 46 years. I'm only 53. That means I include the time before and after the 7 years that I smoked.

    I am glad your Vegemite & Jamesons arrived safely. Instead of getting Jamesons all the way from Australia, would it be easier to get it directly from Ireland?

    Today's Captcha Word: "catingno" - This is the rare occasion when you have to tell Cate no.

  2. Yay for Vegemite, a highly underrated nutrient and about the only reason I'll spread butter on toast for.

    Ein Weiner Salon run by gay men? I was thinking "A Sausage Salon" but thank goodness for Google Translate. I've been put right; if only JFK had consulted it before he said "Ich bin ein Berliner"?

  3. non smoker from hell... thats me during the "normal" days.... but as soon as we go out i smoke.... i get home and dispise smoking find it disgusting etc..... drives the lovely holger up the wall ;)

  4. esbboston: I think it would have been too expensive for Gwenyth to go to Ireland on her way to Vienna from Australia. I would never tell Cate that.

    Sandy: An entirely natural mistake. They do a lovely boar sausage.

    Rozalin: We non smokers from hell are a misery

  5. Whew! I have to send regular Vegemite Care Packages to Barcelona, where my son and his girlfriend live. She is Italian but became addicted to the lovely stuff when they came to NZ for Christmas a few years ago. Last year I spent some time with them in that fabulous city; heading the "Mum could you please bring" list was good 'ol Vegemite.

  6. Alexia: Wow I've neve heard of a non Aussie becoming addicted to vegenite!

  7. Oh Badger, just the thought of Vegemite turns my stomach.

    Please keep it in the Southern hemisphere...where it belongs.

  8. smedette: I promise I shall never bring any to Charlotte.