Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I will nail it before we leave

Bagni di Lucca Italy 2010
I recently had a whole raft of blood tests – which I do every now and again – to make sure that there is nothing going drastically wrong with me – other than the migraine thing about which there is not much that I can do.

I had some stuff that worked for a while but now doesn’t so we are basically back where we started which is where we usually finish up. But it is where I expect to be because I really gave up on my migraines a long time ago and am convinced that there is nothing that can be done about them so I just have to bloody well get on with it.

I have spoken to many people whose migraines just disappear. I hope to be one of these. I have put my name down.

So I got a blood test order thing from Dr. Mordor in August but one thing led to another and then we had to go to Washington and Ireland and I got colds and things but last week I had the tests and a few days ago I trotted along to Dr. Mordor with the results.

He gave them a cursory glance and said that they were all good and that there was nothing to worry about and that it was very rare for him to see someone my age who did not have any problems with eating too much or drinking too much or with high cholesterol or something and he booted me out of his surgery with the usual farewell.  

Well he barely looked at them.

Now I am worrying that he has been reading my blog and that the results are actually awful and that I am on the way out and that he is punishing me for saying uncomplimentary things about him just because he never examines me. Well he does – after a fashion – but never from closer than five metres.

So I have these results – and I have looked at them and they mean nothing to me and I could try and find another doctor – but I have been trying to do that for three years without success – and I am not sure what to do.

So to take my mind off this I have started examining the Bruges to Amsterdam cycling plan to try to find the flaws in it. This trip starts on Friday and Gwenyth arrives from Australia on Wednesday.

She was nearly off to a very bad start because up until Sunday she was very confused and thought she was going to Norway. 

This is understandable because for the last six weeks she has been doing  a community project – working with Aboriginal communities in far North Queensland – and has had no contact with the outside world – so rushed back to Sydney and had a nearly disastrous brain scramble.

Fortunately she realised just before stuffing her suitcase full of winter clothes that she was going cycling – not trudging though ice and snow.

I know there is a fatal flaw in the trip – it’s just that I have not found it yet. My analysis will be detailed and forensic. I will nail it before we leave.


  1. If ever you find a cure for migraines, post it on your blog, email me, call me, anything. My husband suffers from them and we have done everything ever offered on three continents from the normal to the weird and nothing works.

    Have a good migraine-free trip!

  2. Off topic (sorta):
    David Leibovitz makes me want to move to Sydney! ;-)

  3. Your medical paranoia is most entertaining. I am a chemist and know something about lab test work, but not things biochemical and life science-ish. I am sure there is an online course I could take. I have been studying online at the University of G&W (Google and Wikipedia), just doing a lot of random reading. I could probably get a doctorate in randomness.

    I found a bicycle a few months ago that someone abandoned in the alley behind my house. I have been thinking that no one is going to come by and claim it, so I may fix it up.

    Today's Cryptic Verifi-Word: shamst - another word for your Doctor Mordor, its a combination of "sham" and "shaman" with a technician type "st" ending. I just noticed that it has a chunk of the middle of the word "hamster" in it as my, now that's a totally scary combination!

  4. Merisi!

    Thank you for sharing the David Leibovitz link. What a great report of a gourmet trip to Sydney! Makes me kinda hungry...

  5. I'm changing my name to Itis. Because of the arthritis, sinusitis, bursitis, tinitis and every other bloody -itis I seem to have developed since turning 50.

    My mum stopped having migraines actually, the doctor thought it was because of her hormones. Not sure if they were caused them or stopped them though. Hopefully, yours will kick in soon. Safe trip!

  6. Miss Footloose: I can guarantee it.

    Merisi: Ah Sydney!!

    esbboston: I think you should do medicine so you can diagnose me properly.

    Sandy: I need more hormones.

  7. Yes! We need a hormonal Badger...

  8. or maybe that should be AN hormonal Badger...?

  9. Hi! I know how bad are the migraines!I suffered them my self!! I wish you a lot of fun and very very much days free of pain!!!
    Vania Lorena Casasola

  10. Vania Lorena Casasola: Thanks so much