Sunday, April 17, 2011

What an imagination Rozalin has

I need to remind you that on Thursday we leave for our diving trip to the Maldives and a cone of silence will probably descend on Vienna for Dummies. I always intend to blog when I am travelling but rarely do for one reason for another. 
Last time – in Paris - it was because I could not get my iPad to operate the way I wanted it to. This was even with the application of several Calvados in the cafĂ© next to the hotel. No to me silly - not the iPad.
This time I am taking my new MacBook Air and the blurb says we have Internet access but as we are literally in the middle of the Indian Ocean I am not confident that this will be the case – but you never know. Stranger things have happened.
We spent some time on Sunday afternoon trying to work out how to fit our dive gear and our clothes into our new extra spacious dive bags. We thought we had done it until Cate remembered that we would probably also need our wet suits. Damn! Back to the drawing board.
I thought that my ribs – that still hurt quite a bit – would be OK with diving – because I can put my gear on and take it off in the water meaning there is no weight on my shoulders and my ribs.
However - Rozalin mentioned to Cate a week or so ago that if my ribs had not knitted properly then perhaps the water pressure would crush them into my body where they would puncture my lungs and kill me. Hmm…. hadn’t thought of that one. What an imagination that woman has.
I saw my rib Doctor last week (about my knee this time – it has been giving me problems for years) and also asked him about the lung puncturing scenario.
He had never been diving but when has was very young had worked in the Sahara building oil pipelines. This was too hard so he decided to become a doctor.
He thought about the problem for a while and had no answers.  I told him that I would be wearing a wet suit that would equalize the pressure so that I would be perhaps crushed totally – not just in parts – but he did ask how deep I would be diving – which shows that he did have a real understanding of the problem.
The final outcome was that I should probably try it and see what happens. This is what I was planning to do anyway as we cannot cancel the trip at this late stage.
He did sugges that I should pay the knee bill before I go on the dive trip.


  1. Have a wonderful trip to the Maldives, badger.

  2. The Maldives sound lovely, punctured lungs do not. Be safe, Badger, I eagerly await your return.

  3. I shall be safe, have a wonderful trip - and return.

  4. wow wonderful,badger...very naturaly