Sunday, April 3, 2011

It took a long time to clean up the paw prints

Cate is back for a week before she goes to Algiers and then we go to the Maldives for our dive trip.  
This is when the chickens come home to roost in terms of the truly execrable flights that I had to book so many months ago – the ones with 6 and 8 hour layovers.
While Cate is a ‘Senator’ on Star Alliance – and they throw rose petals in her path in the lounges – this will do her no good on these flights as we are flying with Emirates and she is not a member of their club. And we are flying economy so cannot get into any lounges.
Still – she could use the opportunity to try to get her glasses. Emirates never did reply to our many emails asking about her glasses which she left on our home leave flight last July. And we were in Business Class. 
I now have to work out how to use our new dive computers. The instruction manuals are in English – which helps – but will still be incomprehensible to me.
We will probably do what we usually do and ignore our dive computers but just do what the group does. They will all have dive computers which they will use and are not going to place themselves at risk. I am sure we will be just fine.
It is warming up and is time for the cat door to go back up so it has to be re-painted. The most difficult part of this will be stopping Sissi from getting covered in paint and spreading it all over the apartment. 
I shall do this in the guest bedroom – taking many precautions – but Sissi is both cunning and agile so I will be prepared for any disasters with warm water and masses of paper towels.
Last time I painted I was not nearly careful enough and left the paint tray unattended for a few seconds. The problem is that if you have a cat with paint on her paws she is not going to stay still and let you wipe them - or catch her. It took much longer to clean up the paw prints than it did to do the painting.  
Much care shall be taken. 


  1. If you could get Sissi to paint on canvas, you'd probably be able to sell the pictures for a fortune!

  2. I now have a decent new riddle I can ask people: "Whats the best way to decorate with cat paw prints?"