Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Mac Time again

I was Face Spammed yesterday and all my contacts got weird stuff from my Facebook account. This saved them from the trouble of having to read the weird stuff on my Blog.
I remember years ago Mr. Gates told us the Spam would be eliminated completely by  about 2008 but I read somewhere recently that it still comprises about 90% of Internet traffic. 
It would not seem to be that difficult to do - except that almost all of it seems to emanate from places like Russia that do not give a toss about what happens on the Internet unless it is critical of the government - in which case the perpetrators can expect to be killed almost immediately.
Someone wrote a book recently saying that Mr. Gates is not really a very nice person and has apparently sometimes been unkind to some people in his life.
Wow. That’s so…so….normal.
Mr. Gates has also given more to charity than anyone else in the history of the world. I think that counts for something. You could almost forgive him for Windows for that. Almost. 
I bet he has never un-friended anyone on Facebook.  I bet he has never used Facebook.
Mr. Jobs on the other hand is apparently a complete Plonker and is rude and unkind to almost everybody – but has assembled a wonderful team of talented people who have made some of the best products ever invented.
My Blog is late today because this afternoon I received my MacBook Air - and it is just delicious. It weighs just about as much as my Eric Bompard Jumper and is just as gorgeous.
Transferring files and settings from Windows computers used to take days and required a re-load of all the software.
When I turned on my MacBook Air  it asked me if I had any other Macs from which I wanted to transfer - and then found it and wirelessly transferred all the files – and settings – and programs.
I did not have to re-load any software. My MacBook Air is now an exact duplicate of my iMac – without of course the 28,000 tunes or zillion Gigs of photos – I don’t need to carry these around and the baby Mac does not have the capacity for them.
It is hard to imagine that I spent all that time wandering in the wilderness with Windows machines when I could have been using Macs. It is the first anniversary of my iMac this month and I have yet to have a crash.


  1. Macs are awesome. Sometimes I wonder are sucessful companies named after or associated with fruit (maybe vegetables but mainly fruit)? e.g. blackberry, orange erm...banana (republic)