Monday, September 6, 2010

They will attach electrodes to your head

Winter is coming! 
I have my new glasses and it has made things a little better - but not much. The prescription is still not right and I am  not sure how I can actually get one that works. 
I can read newspapers very well with the glasses but using the iMac is still difficult. 
I have tried various distances from the screen and different fonts - it’s a mystery.
Anyway I am sure that my eyes are just one factor in the long and tawdry history of my migraines so today I went to Dr Mordor to ask him to send me to a specialist.
He tried to cheer me up by telling me about some of his clients who spent years trying to get rid of migraines without result. 
Undaunted I battled on and prized from him the name of a clinic or something - I am not sure what yet but I think it’s attached to a hospital.
He said they would attach electrodes to my head and run brain scans and do all sort so other things and he was sure they would be able to help me.  
I just cannot wait for this as I am well over the non-stop migraines. 
I have tried everything else including cutting out all the foods to which I am allergic. These include chocolate, cheese, wine, biscuits, bread and anything else with any sort of nice taste or texture.
I basically now live on corn husks and distilled water and still get migraines so clearly there is something other than food. 
On a much happier note - I now have an iPad which I must say is the coolest piece of equipment I have ever owned. 
I am not sure what I am going to do with it but I know already that I cannot live without it. 
Actually - for what I do - it is perfect for travel and that is what will be going with me in future. It does everything that I need a PC to do but it is just so cool and so elegant that I cannot bear to be away from it for more than 5 minutes. 
I said to Cate that it was a replacement for my PC when I travel and she said ‘does it do mail merge?’
Mail merge?
(Thinking......when did I last need to do mail merge when I was traveling?)
Well actually it does. I have download Pages for iPad which gives me a word processing suite guessed it... mail merge.
So I am exploring this wonderful machine and downloading lots of useful Apps including essential ones such as ‘2,000 Essential German Words’. 
I shall report further on this technological marvel.
And in the meantime:
A New York City man who leapt 40 storeys from the rooftop of an apartment building has survived after crashing on to a parked car. 
The car owner says the jumper survived because he kept rosary beads in the car. Or maybe because  they make Dodge Chargers out of cardboard. 
Not much one can say about that. 


  1. Sounds like Steve Jobs has already attached electrodes to your head! We're definitely an Apple-based household; the iPad is awesome.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. i think there might be something in the corn husks.....

  3. Oh dear! Bad. Corn Husks. Bad. Hope all goes well my friend. PS I think I need an ipad.

  4. I'm sincerely sorry that you're going through this. Maybe the cooler temps will help?

  5. Jessica: I love Steve and Apple.

    lenny" I think you are on to something. I will cut out the corn husks and just doe the water thing.

    Mrs Woog: EVERYONE needs an iPad.

    SK Waller: Ta - I am sure I will find out what is wrong and fix it.