Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don’t ask, don’t tell - just Bugger Off!

Dear Gay and Lesbian servicemen and servicewomen of America. 

In honor of your outstanding service to the United States of America - the Republican Senators have commissioned new and improved K-rations which you can munch on thoughtfully while you are sitting in dusty far flung spots throughout the world being shot at and dismembered by the Taliban, Al Qaeda or whoever we happen to be at war with at any give time.
You can be sure that whenever we have to fight another futile and pointless war we will call on you to fight and die for your country. Just don’t tell us you are Gay or Lesbian or we will boot you out of the armed forces as quick as we can.
And the K-rations? They taste like what we think of you. Enjoy!
The Democrats don’t deserve to be in government. They cannot even get their own Senators to vote for their own legislation. It’s just horrible to watch and they sooner they are put out of their misery the better.
They may go down as one of the most incompetent governments in US history. The Republicans and the Republican Dirt Machine have made mincemeat of them since day one and as soon as the Republicans get control of the Senate they will destroy the Health Care Reform Legislation.
The cannot repeal it until they get into government but as their leaders have said - they will make sure it does not get one dime in funding so that will be impossible to implement. 
Then we will have tax cuts for the really rich, cuts in unemployment benefits and a roll back of Social Security benefits. 
They may introduce compulsory church attendance and public hangings of Atheists. 
Supervised by President Palin and ‘Special Secretary for the Punishment of Non-believers and Masturbators’ Christine O’Donnell. 
It’s just pitiful. 
If the Democrats were horses they would shoot them.  
Rant Ends


  1. Speaking as someone who served in the British armed forces when it was completely illegal to even play the Village People, never mind anything else - these things take time. Don't ask don't tell is not enough and needs to go, but it's a hell of a lot better than how things used to be. I remember well feeling sickened at the high level & violent homophobia that was 'the norm'. In time, this ridiculous outdated rule will go - but the 'system' within the forces has to be ready to cope - and I imagine it isn't quite there yet. One day...

  2. This is all very well Phillip, but what I really want to know is have you seen the latest inventive Austrian method of shuffling off this mortal coil, courtesy as usual of the Austrian Times: "Vintner's Skull Crushed In Wine Press".

  3. Jessica: They make me unhappy as you can tell.

    Glen: Yes you are of course quite correct. I just needed to have a rant.

    viennesewaltz: I did - and I admit that I am at a loss to understand how even an Austrian - who are the most inventive suiciders on the planet - could manage this.