Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's time for prayerful intervention

Some sort of Australian Duck I saw at Blackheath a week ago - Maalie will tell me what it is. 

I have had the feeling over the weekend that there are many people out there in pain. They are sick or they have suffered loss or they are just plain hungover.
I get these feelings because I am enormously sensitive. I get a tingle in my clavicle when a butterfly dies in the forest - or when a bee cannot find the right flower.
You would be surprised how often this happens and how my body tingles so. It is actually a relief for me in winter when the bees are not so active. 
Any by the way - did you know that there are actually plants that kill bees? 
God must have been having an off day to make bees and flowers and then have the flowers kill the bees. Maybe he had just been to a Tea Party meeting.

Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me but perhaps there is a larger plan of which I am not aware. 
Anyway - I have decided to pray for all those who are suffering - and - because I am an Atheist - I have to be creative about prayer - so this week I am praying to Julia Gillard. 
I am asking Julia to make things better for ALL of you - even those miserable bastards who used to read my blog and can longer be bothered (and who could blame you?)
The praying starts tonight and you will know if I am successful if things get better for you - or if Tony Abbot combusts spontaneously at the launch of the Liberal Party election campaign. 
If you have anything particular you need me to pray for please leave a comment on the blog. 


  1. So pleased I found your blog.

  2. Yes, it's an Australian Wood Duck .

    Oh, I successfully prayed to the God Vulcan to get me to Austria during the volcanic ash cloud event in April. My prayer comprised the sacrificial disposal of a number of cans of McEwan's Export, and, as you know, it worked. Hence my now routine procedure of similar ritual sacrifices to him.

  3. Maalie,

    I think your sacrifices are very rewarding. Don't waste a drop!


    Not sure that Julia will have time to answer your prayers...

    But Jim and I are concerned to hear that parents around Warners Bay are anti-Gillard because she's an athiest. Mind you, if she was a god-botherer and married, they'd probably be against her because she's a woman!

    Roll on 21 August!

  4. I've been keeping a close eye on T Abbott and I Thought I detected a slight smouldering round the edges on TV last night when confronted with a look alike in "buggie smugglers". So keep up the praying maybe it's working...

  5. I pray to GOD (and now so shall you) that Tony Abbott keeps him bloody clothes on!

  6. Oh yes, I have something very specific I want you to pray for. Thank you! Your clavicle should start tingling any second now.

  7. Please pray that I will win the lottery. Of course, the real miracle would be that I'd win without even playing it, because I don't.

  8. Thanks for that. I can do with all the prayers and help I can get!! heheh!
    Are you tingling yet??? :-))))))))))))

  9. Jessica: Danke sehr.

    Maalie: Not a very exciting name for a duck. I have heard good things about Vulcan - will give him a try.

    Annie: I will pray for the Warner Baysians.

    PK: Watch the ears - they will go first.

    Mrs Woog; OH YES please. I am thinking Abaya.

    Wanderlust: The clavicle - and other parts.

    Steph: Your chances are much the same with or without a ticket.

    Pam: I'm on fire my girl!

  10. My son recently told me that his god looks like Luigi from Super Mario brothers. Or Captain Hook. Evidently he prays to only men with heavy mustaches.
    Whatever works, kiddo.

  11. Thank Dog someone is praying for us all. Keep it up Badger, I think my deef ear just unblocked!!!