Sunday, July 11, 2010

In winter they are soft and wet and woolly

There is nothing quite like the Blue Mountains in winter. In summer they are harsh and dry and brittle – but in winter they are soft and wet and woolly.

This is one of our favorite parts of Australia and when we lived in Sydney we usually came up here at least once a year to stay in a mountain cabin and go for long bush walks. The days would end with us sitting in front of an open fire with some good Australian red wine. Bliss.

Our favorite walk is where we are now in Blackheath and starts from about a kilometer away. It is a four hour walk and takes us down to the valley floor and along a crystal clear river winding between canyons and dense bushland.

The only difficult part is climbing out of the valley on the other side but we are always spurred on by the thought of a Steak Sandwich waiting for us in the Wattle Café.


  1. Gorgeous. Love Blackheath and the Blue Mountains. One of my favorite places to hike, too.

  2. Where did you get that photo? Not taken this week, I'd say. Lots of fresh air, mist. All sounds very energetic and idyllic.

  3. Looks like the Jamison Valley? I live in the BLue Mountains and walk them often. Best walks? Grand Canyon, VAlley of the waters and of course the Blue Gum forest :o)

    Nice post

  4. Badger and Simon, a pity you two can't meet up! You could enjoy a room-temperature can of Fosters.
    That looks a great habitat for Rock Warbler there.

  5. a new girl in Vienna: it is a must see - one of nature's treasures.

    Wanderlust: Best place for hiking in Oz.

    Anne: I had not downloaded my photos so pinched it off a Blue Mountains tourism site.

    simon: Yes it is. Grand Canyon is my favorite walk.

    Maalie: Well we can meet when Simon comes to the UK - you can buy us both a beer.