Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well I didn’t think of this one

Vienna sunset today
Annie has pointed out that the first salvo fired at Julia is because she is in a de facto relationship and this may encourage other women to do the same. Then they will be trapped without children when they discover that their partner does not want to have children. So she is a bad role model. WTF?
The entire article is complete rubbish - but the writer Bettina Arndt is not noted for her brain power in matters of practicality. Of course she has been battered senseless by letter writers who have taken the time and trouble to point out that is is a steaming twit.
The more unfortunate thing is that the Sydney Morning Herald would publish such ill thought through antediluvian rubbish.  
I am now waiting for the Church Brigade to march in the streets about an unmarried couple occupying the prime minister’s Lodge and fornicating in there! 
And incidentally - if there are any problems with Julia - we can use the excuse that she was in fact born in Wales. No - not Kenya like President Obama - Wales. 
It is a small plot of land located somewhere in the British Isles and where the people play Rugby and talk an incomprehensible dialect. 


  1. wow - fantastic picture of the sunset!

  2. I actually had trouble believing that someone would try to spin a serious argument out of something like that and so braved the auto-playing videos on the SMH site to read it and you're right, it's pretty painful.

    Includes such gems as this:

    "Women's tiny reproductive window means they pay a high price for wasting precious breeding time in such uncertain relationships."

    You've been warned ladies. Don't waste your precious breeding time.

  3. A new girl in Vienna: thanks - we get some awesome views of sunsets here.

    Wanderlust: Its scary stuff.