Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yes it is Wednesday

Well yes it is Wednesday Merisi - thanks for asking - and you are the busiest (and one of the most gorgeous) people I know so I wish you would not give me such a hard time when I Blog late.

I have an excuse. Today I took son David to Mauthausen and to Melk Abbey. The latter was by far the cheeriest. David was disturbed by Mauthausen - as most people are - and I certainly am event though by now I am an experienced Concentration Camp aficionado.

I have tried - but cannot comprehend- the mass hysteria which produced Nazi Germany, It is totally incomprehensible and - by definition - is beyond the understanding of people who were born after the war.

In my case I was born two weeks before Hitler died. How do you think I feel about that?

But then I cannot understand the the enormous schism in US Politics. The rabid barking frothing foaming steaming hatred of President Obama and his administration.

According to Fox et al President Obama swam to a depth of whatever in his jocks and personally cut the pipes which has allowed several trillion gallons of oil to escape and kill all almost all life on earth. Since then this miserable water melon eating cock sucking son of a bitch has sat in the White House sipping Mint Juleps and laughing at the world - and the Republicans in particular.

This is simply the ugliest thing I have ever seen ( and yes I have seen the Paris Hilton video). Politics in the USA is officially dead. There are two parties. We will fight to the death.

But tonight we went to Ein Weiner Salon. Bliss. Fabulous - nay sensational food. David was impressed - and he is a Gourmand and a Chef of some repute.


  1. I'm always so filled with optimism after reading your blog posts.

    Well, goodnight. I'm off to dream about Obama swimming around in his jocks...

  2. just curious..what would u do differently if you were president?