Thursday, June 24, 2010

Australia has a new Prime Minister and she’s a woman!

The Milky Bar Kid, the Ruddster and Julia Gillard.

This is what happens when you fail to qualify for the quarter finals in the World Cup - regime change. Australians are ruthless about sport. 
I remember on election night a couple of years I had a glass too many of the terrific red wine we had cellared to farewell John Howard. At one stage - late - when the results were almost all in I went out into the back garden and professed my love of Julia to the stars. I think she is terrific. 
We were all disappointed in Kevin Rudd (the Ruddster) as he turned out to be an erudite Boffin rather than the more visceral action man we had hoped for. 
The fact that he looked liked the Milky Bar Kid never helped. Hs approval ratings as PM tanked so totally and so fast that he just had to go and - after Germany trounced Australia - the game was up. 
Well - the players and coach did what they could - who else could we blame?
Julia Gillard will be an excellent PM. She is smarter and tougher than Kevin Rudd and much more practical (she is a woman). She has been through the tough schools of the Labor movement - and there are none tougher.
Because she is single Julia has of course already been subject to a hate campaign from the right - and they will step this up now. 
No she is not a Lesbian (and this matters only to the right wing). 

She has a boyfriend - but she has been vilified for - amongst many other things - not having children (‘she is deliberately barren!’ shrieked one of the loonier right wing Senators) and having a kitchen that is too tidy (I kid you not).
And - as far as I can tell - she does not pray to an invisible man in the sky or do any of that mumbo jumbo stuff. How cool is that!
Just love it.


  1. Need to go mess up my kitchen.

  2. Btw, what a looker, that Julia! :-)

  3. I am thrilled with the change (was a kevin 07 voter). She will be fantastic and hates Abbott which is enough for me. Tore him a new ring in question time today.

  4. Nothing to do with this thread (sorry), but Badger – someone on VV is asking about smoke-free places in Vienna. I wanted to point them to your website but it seems to be down at the moment?

  5. viennesewaltz: Took it down as I just don't have the time to maintain it. Too much leg work involved - and too many changes to keep up with. There is an Austrian link that I will post on VV.

  6. Merisi: I think she's gorgeous.

    woogsworld: She will tear Abbott to pieces. She was a union lawyer!

  7. Is it just me.... or does the Milky Bar kid in your post look like a Rudd/Gillard love child. Seriously. Check out your 3 pics!

  8. Good grief! "Deliberately barren"? Australia sounds as backward as middle America.

  9. I hope she leaves a better impression than our only female P.M.

  10. I wonder how the cricket went today?

  11. Silly me! I hadn't seen the link to the soccer.

    Last night on 7.30 Report Julia performed very well, Jim and I thought. And she ended the interview by saying to K.O'B. that it had been a great day for redheads! At which, he blushed!

    And Annabel Crabb tweeted:
    I think Ms Gillard might be Australias first unmarried PM. Anyone think of another that I have missed?

    And no one disputed that claim.

    Hope you're right about friends in the sky...

  12. Mrs Woog: Our Julia has better taste than that.

    SK Waller: We have our own breed of rednecks.Just the same as yours but with funny accents.

    Maalie: That would not be hard.
    I did not see the result -but I can imagine it. I can al;so imagine the finale series result - 5-0 to England. Apparently Australia forgot to bring any batsmen OR bowlers.

    Annie; She is a top sort and will be terrific.

  13. Australia's Julia Gillard is smokin' hot. And single (or not married)? Wowzers! As we say in the US: I'd tap that.