Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shimmering Ducks in Stadtpark

OMG my Scientologist Proximity Alarm just went off. I think I’m going…..yes………..I am……….I am going to vomit.

I caused some consternation in the regions of France with my comments about Herr Karl Lagerfeld.

I hasten to say that I was not in any way denigrating Herr Lagerfeld’s professional expertise or skills as a fashion designer. Indeed I have the highest regard for anyone who can do so much with cloth and feathers.

My quibble was only with his personal attire and accoutrements. I think there are certain rules which should apply to almost everyone – and some standards which should be observed. These include.

Only Roy Orbison, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder should be allowed to wear dark glasses indoors. (Bono should not wear dark glasses all the time. Contrary to his personal belief – they do not make him look cool – they make him look like a Goose).

Only Michael Jackson should be allowed to wear gloves indoors.

Only men under 30 should have pony tails.

In my case I have no affectations. Apart of course for the fact that I wear only black T Shirts and jeans. But I do this just to make myself look cool and spunky. I am not sure it works but Cate has stuck with me for 20 years.

But this could be because I am a good cook, a good housekeeper, a good cat minder – and am hung like a Donkey. I may have exaggerated one of these attributes – I will let you determine which one.

So – I was not suggesting the Karl was a former towel attendant in a Turkish Steam Baths – just that he dresses like one.

On Friday we finally visited Indochine 21 again – to celebrate a major and momentous occasion in Cate’s working life.

This restaurant was the scene of a memorable dining experience in January last year. It has taken us this amount of time to summon up the courage to go again.

They same staff were there but I don’t think they remembered us. We didn’t have Gwenyth with us this time and this may have thrown them off the scent - and our pictures were no longer in the window. Also we pretended we were Hungarian and that we spoke no English.

Anyway – it was sensational. We had the degustation menu and every mouthful was wonderful. Even the man chain smoking cigars didn’t put too much of a dampener on the evening – although it did make me feel a bit wobbly.

We came back through the snow covered Stadtpark and admired the ducks shimmering in the city lights. It was just a blissful evening.


  1. Have you ever taken one of those Personality Tests Scientologists hand out? Furthermore, is it possible to fail? If so, what would that mean?

  2. Is Michael Jackson still around?
    I think Johnny Cash should be allowed a liberty or two as well.

  3. My celebrity knowledge is obviously not all that it should be and I have failed to identify the people in the picture at the top of this Blog. Could Badger please enlighten me?

  4. Am I the only person who felt vaguely disturbed by seeing Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Jackon mentioned in the same posting?

  5. If you fail it means you did not have enough Thetans for breakfast.

    I will allow Johnny Cash - and there are many websites where the numerous sightings of MJ are listed - so we cannot confirm his death yet.

    The one on the left is Katie Holmes - spouse of the barking mad Tom Cruise. The one on the right is a woman (name unknown) who is going to vomit because she is allergic to Scientologists.

    Spot the weirdo KL or MJ? Hmm...too