Thursday, September 17, 2009

Supplementary Thursday Blog (Cricket)

OK all is forgiven.

I love you Ricky and I am in heaven watching you and your magnificent team flog the Poms senseless in the One Day Series.
As reported in the Times:

“In tennis parlance, the score line in this series has become a doughnut, six to Australia and a big fat love to England, with every chance of the home side succumbing to an unprecedented 7-0 series defeat at the Riverside on Sunday.

Some will say that the outcome of these games has become tediously predictable, but England, to their credit, are ensuring variety by finding new ways to lose. Two days earlier their fielding had been blamed; last night it was their erratic running between the wickets that added a darkly comic element to an otherwise depressing tale”

For those of you who are not Australians there is nothing – NOTHING – worse than being beaten by England at cricket.


There is nothing – NOTHING – better than beating England at cricket.

It is wonderful, visceral, exhilarating, inspiring. It makes my toes curl.

And tonight the crowd Booed the English team for their pitiful display.

Booed! Delicious!

Nothing can beat that. Not even Tony Abbott spontaneously combusting in Parliament could beat that.

So Ricky – next time you are in Vienna – feel free to pop in. I will supply the Bubbly!

PS: David – when are you coming to see your father? We can play cricket in the garden like we used to.

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  1. believe me i'm trying to get there, and would love to re-live some childhood sporting moments. i'll even come bike riding with you. I've been practising my alpine climbs on the exercise bike at the gym. It's pretty realistic except of course for the lack of cold, wind, scenery and the fact that cars aren't hurtling past you at ridiculous speeds.