Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not all small widgets are necessary

I went for a ride along Euro Velo 6 yesterday. Not for very far mind you. Euro Velo 6 runs from the Atlantic to the Black Sea and on its way passes through Vienna – following the Danube.

Euro Velo 6

The Euro Velos are an astonishing network of cycle paths throughout Europe. Part of their charter is to “ensure that bicycle use achieves its fullest potential so as to bring about sustainable mobility and public well-being and economic development via sustainable tourism”

The NSW government would hate them and would have thugs (probably retired Labor Party members) placed along the route and armed with clubs so that they could beat cyclists senseless and throw their bikes in the Danube.

Then they would sell the land to developers.

Anyway – I rode about 40 kilometers yesterday and would have gone further except that I knew I would be coming back into the teeth of a howling gale.

My speedometer works a treat and I know now know exactly how far I travel and what my average speed is. Neither of these figures is impressive.

I would also know my cadence except that I lost the widget when I was assembling the parts to connect it all to the bike. It was a small magnet so it will be attached to something and one day I will find it.

I lose an amazing number of small things like this but I have found that mostly things work reasonably well without them.

Ricky Ponting is trying to make amends with me by flogging the English in the One Day Internationals. It doesn’t wash with me Rickster!.

The One Day Internationals don’t amount to a hill o’ beans – you lost the Ashes and that’s all that counts – EVER!

PS: For a couple of reasons I have removed as much of my Facebook page as I can. Don't feel offended if you were a Friend - I still love you - just not publicly.

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