Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We shall see.

Fogo Island Inn
Every time I fly with United I get an email a day or so later asking ‘How was your flight’. I don’t wish to offend so never reply to these requests because the answer would invariably be ‘awful’ or ‘really awful’. 

Flying is not much fun anymore and there is now the added frisson of excitement because at any moment outside America you can be blown to smithereens. 

Here it is more focused and you can be shot at any time - but it is not usually likely to be done in bulk by terrorists. Someone did a study that showed that many more people are killed in America by toddlers than are killed by terrorists. 

However the good news is that I have my new Internet from Bright House. This is provided by coaxial cable - whatever that is - instead of phone lines that AT & T used. This means that instead of the maximum 9 mbps that I got from AT & T I now get 100 mbps.

In fact I have checked it a few times since yesterday and I am getting 112 mbps. Caramba! 

This does indeed make a big difference to using the Internet. And it is cheaper than I was paying before. 

I also have a new iMac. This is a zillion times faster than my old one which I got in 2009. It also has a 3 TB hard drive. My first computer had a 20 MB hard drive so this is like 1 million times bigger. 

And it needs to be because my photos reproduce faster than rabbits.

On Sunday we are going to Fogo Island which is way up in Newfoundland. This is to celebrate Cate’s birthday. 

We tried to go there once before but were battered by the Polar Vortex and could not get there - so we spent a week trapped in a hotel in St Johns where we sat in the bar - without power or light - and drank lots of Monkey Bay - which is a particularly hideous New Zealand wine.

Anyway this trip involves flights to Chicago, Toronto, Halifax and Gander followed by a drive through the wilderness and a ferry trip. 

But it is supposed to be one of the great hotels of the world - so we shall see. 


  1. The hotel sounds amazing - hope you have a great time. I've ordered fine weather for you for Sunday - no vortices, Polar or otherwise.

  2. I think the first hard drive I bought for an Apple II+ was 10 MB. I used several for data collection from gas chromatographs at work.

    I already have my summer vacation planned for South Dakota. I haven't started the beer production yet for it.

  3. Alexia: Well there is a storm moving in but we shall cope.

    esb: These days thats about 1 photo. Do they not have beer in South Dakota?

    1. They don't have my beer. They loved my first batch. It was an American Cream Ale. I am currently making a Witbier, similar to Blue Moon Belgian White. My next batch will be my 5th one.

  4. Sounds like fun, both the net and the trip. Enjoy!

  5. Sandy: Thanks. I will see if I can get some bird pics.

  6. Looking forward to hearing about the trip.