Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Paint it green

I have been absolutely transfixed by the awfulness which is creeping across America at the moment. 

It reminds me of being small and watching serials at the theater. The sheriff wearing a white hat would be engaged doing whatever sheriffs do and the baddie (black hat) would be creeping up behind him. 

We would all shout ‘behind you’ ‘behind you’ and eventually he would hear us - just in time - and turn around to deal with the problem in a most expeditious fashion. 

One thing you could say about baddies in serials in those days is that they were inevitably incompetent.

But now there are millions of people shouting ‘behind you’- or in this case - ‘in front of you’ and still the baddie sneaks closer and closer.

I find the whole thing incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Today is super Tuesday and what fun it will be. I have organized the popcorn and will sit up watching and munching in awe as mass stupidity creeps across the land.

On the bright side - if knucklehead does get nominated - Hillary will clean his clock. 

On a happier note - I have found dog beds on Amazon for about $25 each so am buying these. There is simply no point in spending more on a bed that the dog is going to eat on sight.  

This is not so bad but Georgia also eats Cate’s plants - the woody ones that have little branches of substance that can be gnawed. She has munched some down to the roots.

Cate is very unhappy about this. I am not helpful because I just tell that is what dogs do.

We are having soma garden people to do some design suggestions for us. The only real solution is to pave the back garden with concrete and paint it green.


  1. Pepper has had 3 chances (by human oversight) to scatter, shred, and defoliate my Ficus elastica (rubber plant) but I kept replanting the fragments and now I finally have a new leaf coming out.

    I have lost considerable sleep ever since Trump made his presidential bid. I wonder how many millions of people are like me who have lost a thousand hours of sleep? A million x thousand = a billion hours of sleep. Should we sue for damages?!?!?

  2. I think the idea is to have some many plants that the dog cannot shred them all. I think Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to American politics.