Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just the usual stuff

The Christmas supplies have arrived 
Yesterday I took Georgia to be groomed. This means that she has a wash and a brush and has her nails trimmed. She enjoys this almost as much as she enjoys going to the vet.

I got her out of the car at the dog place and she slipped her collar and bolted.  She was running down the street with me chasing her - shouting things like:

‘It’s not a dog glue factory – they are just going to wash you!’

‘Come back Georgia they are just going to trim your fecking nails not boil you in oil.’

She slowed down when she saw some other dogs and then the dog salon lady caught up and we managed to herd her back towards the car. The other dog salon lady was there and she opened the car door and Georgia jumped in.

That was a valuable lesson and I shall in future take extra precautions. I should of course have a dog who comes when you call her but she failed at obedience school and needs remedial work.

I know you are thinking ‘why doesn’t he wash his own dog?’

Well we are working up to that and will try it very soon. I will ring the hospital first to make sure they have adequate supplies of our blood type. Not that she will bite us but she does now weigh 45 pounds and packs quite a punch with her paws and nails - and leaves us with the interesting wounds when she jumps all over us – as she does constantly.

Also yesterday I took the cats to the vet for vaccinations and a checkup. They are easier to handle because they are in little crates. Getting them inside the crates is an entirely different matter.

It is usually like trying to put a marshmallow into a piggy bank.

So I steeled my self and put the crates on the kitchen table. Sissi immediately hopped into one so I closed the door. Fabulous stuff. I pretended that I was going to feed Monika and then grabbed her and stuffed her into the crate so quickly she did not know what was happening.

It was a bit more difficult getting them out of the crates at the vets but I let the cat wranglers at that end do it. So the cats were both very unhappy about the whole thing - and it was extremely expensive.

Just the usual stuff.


  1. I feel fortunate, indeed! Nigel is a pain in the arse about nearly everything else, but he accepts his weekly bath with typical half-Dachshund stoicism. His half-Labbie side doesn't seem to recognize itself; as far as Nigel's concerned, he's all Dachs.

    Glad to see you're able to maintain your usual amusing sense of humor through it all!

  2. I had two veRy difficult sessions with Cooper when he got away back when he was young and unneutered. He slipped out of his collar once, and then I think the other time the garage door was open when it should not have been. He had not been chipped yet in either situation. I do have the new dog, Pepper, already taken care of.

  3. Wow, critter issues. My dog loves his spa and they love him. Quite unusual. Zoey just hates it all.

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  5. If only you could talk Labradorian, Badger, so Georgia could explain her fears and you could school her in proper behaviour. Hahaha. Hope your guests are appreciating your cooking efforts. I, too, thank you for your wonderful articles (throughout the year) and am also tired but not because of spamming blogs. Merry Christmas to you and yours Badger.

  6. SK Waller: I will let you know how we go. I am not confident.

    esb: I did not even know about pepper. Georgia has a chip but we are afraid she will run onto the road and get skittled.

    fmc: Maybe she will get used to it eventually. We shall see. But will try doing it at home.

    Sandy: Yes it would help if G could let me know what was happening on her tiny mind, Merry Christmas to you and yours too.