Monday, December 14, 2015

Fair suck of the sav

It sure is exciting here.

I mean I expected the Republican presidential contest to be interesting – but this is just fabulous stuff. The Republicans have been captured by Frankenstein’s monster and they know not what to do.

There is another debate tomorrow and I will have the popcorn ready for that.

But also we are in the midst of the annual ‘War on Christmas’.

This is the entirely manufactured event hosted by Fox in which they find terrible examples of Christians having their rights trampled by ghastly non-religious people – some of whom might even be (shriek) atheists.

No perceived slight is to small. Some religious ratbag complained because Starbucks cups do not have ‘Merry Christmas’ on them. Fox took this up as a prime example of the rights of Christians being trampled by the hordes of pagans who infest this country .

But it is weird because many people say ‘Happy Holidays’  - because ‘Merry Christmas’ may not be inclusive or may not recognize other religions. WTF? People get too wound up about this sort of stuff.  I said ‘Merry Christmas’ to a man this year and he said ‘thank you for saying that’.

Fair suck of the sav  – it is - after all - Christmas.

But I have far too much to do to worry about things like this. On Saturday night we are having our local relatives to dinner and this will be another occasion for me to cremate some chicken on a massive scale. I am doing some lamb as well in case the chicken is inedible. If both those fail then I have ham.

Next week Gwenyth and PK arrive and we have to prepare for our Christmas day – which in fact will be on Christmas eve.

Cate is in charge of this and of course is cooking some esoteric stuff that requires things like one gnats knee bone – but if I can in fact find them they are available only in 50 pound bags.

On Christmas day we are going to visit our local relatives and I am charged with cooking vegetables and a Pavlova and possibly Lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. Gwenyth has volunteered for this task.

Boxing day is a recovery day - and then we go to Mexico.



  1. Merry Christmas, and can't wait to hear about Mexico. We are going to Vermont for Christmas this year.

  2. And Merry Christmas and season's blessings to you. I am sure you will have a lovely time there. I will report in full on Mexico.

  3. When I examined the sign closely and pondered the design and placement, the word 'For' appeared to be an after thought, because the font size is small, squeezed in tight, and a different color, black, than the other lettering. Such bizarreness, thanking Jesus for Trump. I wonder how many people there actually are who have said an earnest prayer to Jesus in thanks for The Donald.