Thursday, July 2, 2015

I will have the hose ready

For the first two days I had to carry Georgia into dog school and she fought me all the way. She is on her fourth day now and I can lead her into the dog school - once I get her out of the car. But she is fine once she gets inside and there is much excitement and tail wagging when she sees the teachers and the other dogs.

She is exhausted when she gets home - from all the playing and instruction - and just crashes most of the time. Sissi has taken to coming downstairs and sitting and looking at her lying in her bed. 

This is progress.

She does not appear to be intellectually gifted but if she puts her mind to it she can sit, lie down and stay. At the moment we are training her to walk without pulling our arms out of their sockets.

In the meantime Antonio has been scraping for three days. Apparently (surprise!) when he got into the job he found a lot more problems and rot in some of the timber up high. He is certainly right as I have seen the stuff that he has been pulling out. This is 30 feet off the ground so there is no chance of seeing it from below.

Today he has moved on from scraping and has started painting which will take another day. Then he will move inside and there will be more scraping and banging. This is actually hard to hear as he listens to a Spanish speaking radio station and he has it very loud. I guess he has to if he is perched 30 feet in the sky. 

I have tested the weed muncher and it is a ball tearer. It goes like the clappers and feeds its own line. I am so pleased I may do the vacant lot across the road. 

It is 4 July on Saturday and I have out our flag out. We will be having a barbecue and dodging the missiles as they cascade down from the sky. I will have the hose ready in case the house catches on fire. 


  1. Our almost-live-in painter with Danish roots used to listen to radio stations run by preachers. Evangelizing went on all day.

  2. Zoey cat must have called Sissi, she too sneaks up when the dreaded dog is asleep. Now Zoey actually gets close enough to sniff the smelly dog. Then she carefully backs off to be sure the dog is not aware of the attention.

  3. I have vast experience of labradors, having owned 4 and been closely acquainted with several others, and I am not surprised at your statement that "She does not appear to be intellectually gifted". You might not get brilliance, but you will get unending love, loyalty and devotion. Enjoy!

  4. Have a great Fourth! I'm all ready -- I have my Australian flag out and earplugs for my cats.

  5. Merisi: I think I prefer Spanish music to religion.

    fmcgmccllc: That is where we need to get to in the evolution of he dog and cat relationship. One day I can see them sleeping together. One day.

    Alexia: Yes that is so true and whatever she does we just love her to bits,.

    Wanderlust: I am sure your kids will have a wonderful time. Have a good one.

  6. I am glad for the Georgian Progress. We are feeding a stray dog that seems to not want any human interaction. My wife has already given it three different names, currently Shasta. We are currently having some quality time with the granddaughter for our 4th.

  7. Happy 4th July to all at Badger Mansion 🎈🎈🍷🍷😎😎

  8. Ah yes, fireworks! I am not a fan, although they are pretty and everything, I can't help thinking of the appalling expense, terrified animals and environmental damage with all that extra smoke and chemicals. A laser light show would be the go. But hopefully, you won't need that hose!

  9. esb: There are far too many homeless dogs around here.

    Annie: Thanks so much

    Sandy: I agree. Here the fireworks go on for weeks as local lunatics play with them.