Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back to Petco

Cate has almost finished her training. She walked 40 miles on the weekend and tried to walk another 20 miles yesterday. We had yet another of our gigantic thunderstorms and she got caught many miles from home and I had to rescue her. She made the inside of my car very wet. 

One more weekend here and she is off to Ecuador. I follow a week later to collect the remains at the finish line. 

I have installed a Camera so we can keep an eye on Georgia when we are out - via iPhone or iPad. We can talk to her if she is behaving like a lunatic - which she often does.

I got her a harness so that I can anchor her to the seat belts when we go out. The first time I used it she got it off somehow and chewed thru one of the straps. Back to Petco.

I left her lead in the back seat when we went out. Back to Petco. 

I got my new chewable toys from Amazon and she immediately shredded and ate part of the first one - which is supposed to be indestructible. She also discovered the legs of one of our lounges and started to chew thru that. It looks like  beaver has been here. I have ordered new legs - but will not put them on until she is done chewing - if that ever happens. 

Cate has accepted the inevitable about her garden. It is called learned resignation. So far Georgia has not murdered any plants but she does run over them and dig around them. It looks like we have moles. 

She buries bones in her bed and then tears the bed apart looking for it. 

We are getting constant storm, flood and tornado warnings. So far the house does  not appear to have sprung any leaks.

Sometimes I think it is probably better if I don't read the Sydney Morning Herald. But I do and I see that after our troglodytic prime minister instructed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to invest in wind power - he has also instructed them not to invest in rooftop and small scale solar projects.

He has previously tried to shut down the Clean Energy Finance Corporation but was stopped by the Greens in the Senate. Now he is trying to make it fail by stopping it lending. 

No surprises really. He is really very fond of coal and probably has it on his toast instead of vegemite. 

I had not expected much of this man but I did not expect him to try to actively destroy the renewable energy sector in Australia. What an asshat. 


  1. I saw that Indiana had tornadic activity and was hoping you were kay. I think we have No Weather for at least a week. You have to see if coca leaves are available on your trip for altitude sickness. I heard the pope had some during his recent visit to Bolivia.

  2. Oh man - I have just been catching up on your latest addition to your family -Georgia - I totally feel for you. I have been laughing and laughing at some of her antics - I could relate to so many things that you have written about. Thank you for making me laugh on a day that didn't start very well !!!!

    Good luck to Cate with her walk !!

  3. esb: We don't seem to get tornadoes right in town where we are. Probably just as well - there are lots of wooden houses. More and mores storms here for the next week. I will sure need to do something about altitude - it affected me in Denver,

    Me: My pleasure. and thanks.

    freefalling: Thats what I think.