Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Perhaps I am there crazy one

I have dug my way thru the enormous pile of mulch. I bought much too much and a lot of the garden will be hard to find once Cate spreads it. Georgia just loves it and has such fun burrowing in it. 

It is hard going at the moment because we are getting 90 degree days followed by thunderstorms and tornado warnings. 

I have been trying to wean Georgia off chasing and eating sticks. I am sure the amount of wood she digests cannot be good for her. So I bought some tennis balls and these are successful - so far -unless she starts to eat them.

She has decided that 6.45 was not early enough in the morning so now wants to get up at 6.15. This is not what I want to do at all but does not appear to be optional.

I used the Traeger for the first time last night. (I did not do the pork last week). Lenny gave me his go to rub recipe and I cooked a leg of Aussie lamb. It was just brilliant and I am hooked. 

Sometimes I think I am going crazy. 

In response to the recent massacre in South Carolina the Indiana state government has reacted quickly and changed the gun laws. As from 1 July it will be legal to own a sawn off shotgun as long as it is manufactured by a gun maker. You are still not allowed to buy a shotgun and saw off the barrel yourself. This has to be left to the experts. No I have no idea why. 

Incidentally - why are people in his country shocked and surprised when there is yet another mass murder? This is inevitable in a place where there are so many guns available to so many people - and there are so many crazies. 

Our idjit Prime Minister in Australia - you know the one who says that coal is good for Australia and is our future - has developed an intense dislike for wind farms. He says that they are ugly and noisy and cause health problems. As opposed to coal fired power stations which are beautiful and quiet and good for the environment and should be covered in chocolate and put in Christmas stockings. 

The idjit is going to appoint a ‘wind farm commissioner’. His job I expect will be to prevent the addition of new wind farms and arrange for the dismantling of the existing ones. Perhaps the RAAF could use them for target practice. 

I guess the next step will be to adopt an American state policy and start fining people who generate their own electricity with solar panels. No I am not making this up. There is an organization in America (Alec) - sponsored by the coal industry - that lobbies state governments to impose fines on people who generate their own electricity. Arizona and Oklahoma have signed up and there is a monthly fine for people who dare penetrate this atrocity upon those hard working coal miners. 


  1. By the time I had reset my gmail password yet again... And always one you haven't used before... I can't remember what I was going to say. Grrrr!

  2. I had not heard of the fining folks for creating their own power. I was planning to stick to creating beer and wine. The sawed off shotgun idea sounds bizarre. But there was already a product on the market for small shotguns. A couple companies make a revolver that will handle either .45 ACP or 410 shotgun shells or a mix of them. My friend recommended the Smith & Wesson version over the Taurus. I don't have one yet. There can be 9 murders of one person by crazy people and this doesn't necessarily spark the president and others to do or say anything, but if they happen at the same event then it becomes the main headline for at least a month.

    Tennis balls are great. A long time ago Cooper picked a large green tomato and placed it at my wife's feet thinking it was a ball.

    1. I meant 9 people murdered individually, separate events.

  3. Annie: You were probably going to say something rude about our leader.

    1. You are a mind reader, my dear sir!

  4. esb: Yes there were three murders in Indy in the last week and no one seemed to notice.