Tuesday, March 24, 2015

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

There is just so much to do with spring arriving.

I have painted the new dog fence. It is the same color as the deck so now I have to paint the old fence the same color. Then I will have to give the deck a new coat of stain because it is getting faded. This will take all season.

Everything now is ready for the dog. Everything that is except me and the cats.

Next week I am going to LA to meet my daughter Kezza and her children. Then we are spending three days in Disneyland. Yes – three days. After that we are going to San Francisco for a few days and then to Indianapolis. Then to New York and back to Indianapolis.

Holy Toledo. I hope there are lots of Sad Bastard’s Chairs in Disneyland.

On 25 April – Anzac Day – there are functions here being organized by Indiana University. All the Australians and Kiwis in Indy have been hunted down and it seems there may be as many of 30 of us. This will be a special occasion as it is the 100th anniversary of Anzac day.

It will be nearly 98 years since my uncle – my father’s brother – after who I am named – was killed in the Somme.

Many Americans are surprised to learn that Australia was in the First World War – and the Second World War – and Korea – and Vietnam.

I point out that Australians have had an endless succession of governments which are always prepared to send Australians to be slaughtered in every place to which their allies venture – no matter how stupid and pointless the quest.

The election season has started here with that arch nincompoop Ted Cruz announcing that he is running for President. I could tell Ted that he has less chance of being President than I have. I am a bit mad but not barking like Ted – who John McCain described as a ‘Whacko bird’. Love it.

 He will  certainly add to the spectacle and it will be such fun.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!


  1. Hooray! Comments are back. BIG SMILE :-)

  2. Thank goodness comments are back. I won't be able to read while I am on vacation so I am hoping for some great dog news when I return. Our cat is truly a genius and i never thought it would work out this well.

  3. Annie: Sorry about that.

    fmcgmccllc: Can your cat talk to our cats about how to deal with a dog?

  4. 30 ? Oh my, y'all are taking over! It is a shame that Ted will be wasting his time, energy and money running for President but an even bigger shame and squander to do it with other people's money. It seems suspicious to me that he is an Ivy League graduate. I still remember the bizarreness of the campaign ads I was subjected to while he was running for senate because I am from Texas.

  5. I can't imagine me going to a Disneyland. It would be tOO much like Gitmo for me.