Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just another million to be sure

The big news is that our Christmas tree has shipped. I  don’t know where it is coming from but it will be here on Friday. I put up our fairly average wreath and have been shamed by the neighbours who have multiple wreaths with lights.

They appear to approach Christmas as they do Halloween where their house and garden is covered with ghosts and skeletons – and spiders.

The woman next door ran for election as Marion County Recorder this year and won. She beat a black woman who is a birther. That is – she is one of those people who do not believe that President Obama was born in the USA – and yes there are hordes of them - and I mean millions. 

The woman next door is lucky she does not live in one of the seven states in the USA which have a provision in their constitutions that a person must believe in God to hold public office. Maryland even requires jurors and witnesses to believe in God.

How would you test this?  

I know for sure that the woman in question is an atheist – and a Democrat – which is the doubly whammy here and she is only one step away from being burned as a witch.

I scratch my head when I read this stuff about birthers – but then I read that nearly four million Americans believe that they have been abducted by aliens. The Aliens apparently examine their genitals and return them to earth.

I really worry about the sanity of the aliens who keep abducting people who have (almost) identical genitals. What are the looking for? You would think that after the two millionth willy they would think – well they are clearly all much the same – some large –some small - so I will not bother any more.

Or do they say - I will just check another million to make sure. I think it's alien OCD. 

If I was an alien I would want to have a close look at Donald Trump’s hair.


  1. Somehow the aliens must have missed the lecture about data samples during quantitative research methodology 101.

  2. Yep, one can ignore CAPTCHA without being hit by lightening! ;-)

  3. Damn I was hoping that cat woman won. Anyway what does she get to record?

  4. I wasn't aware there are seven states with the believe in God in order to hold public office requirement. I like your question, how would you know or prove it. I s'ppose you could force people to take lie detector tests, but then people would then have to believe in the validity of lie detector tests, and then states would have to pass legislation where you have to believe in lie detector tests. Being a scientist I don't believe in lie detector tests. I have spent decades working with analytical tools such as gas chromatographs and they are fairly precise and can generate fairly reliable results, but they are dependent upon having trained people and proper standardization with statistical control and assurance documentation. I wonder if aliens use gas chromatography and mass spectrometers? I doubt that Donald Trump owns any.

  5. Merisi: For aliens who could get here they are pretty dumb.

    Lenny: No the cat lady missed out. Apparently she records everything that happens in the county. I am not sure why.

    esb: Well I guess not too many scientists believe in God so they probably don't have those on juries in Maryland.

  6. Late to the party but I am here, sorry you got the adequate wreath.