Thursday, August 28, 2014

It will be an exciting few weeks

The  trip home was on the whole most satisfactory in that I saw my children, grandchildren, ancient brothers and their spouses and Merv and Madge from Singleton.

Both my brothers are living fossils and look like garden gnomes. I am almost there and am getting shorter and more gnome-like by the year. 

I missed people I should have seen but just did not have enough time to get around to them all.

Two weeks in Australia is not enough – but Cate is working to keep me in the luxury to which I am accustomed and – what with all our other global gallivanting – does not have that much time to spare.

The ones we missed will have to be content for another year with my blog - but of course they are welcome to visit us at any time in the jewel of the Midwest.

We apparently have some of the finest craft beers available in the USA and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum has to be seen to be believed. A visit to Bru Burger is a gastronomic sensation. 

We have decided after this trip that we do not want to live in Sydney when we return home. There are far too many people and the traffic is appalling.

Also - nine state members have recently had to stand down from parliament because of corruption charges - and this is unacceptable. 

We in NSW expect our politicians to be corrupt.  It is a long and cherished tradition – indeed why else would they go into parliament. 

But we also expect them to be more circumspect and not get caught so often. Some of our most successful corrupt politicians were not caught out until after they died – this is much less messier and saves the State a lot in legal bills. 

At least they are doing something. I suspect most US politicians are so lethargic that they do not have the initiative to take bribes. The last piece of legislation that went through congress here was the Louisiana Purchase. 

In response to our decision to open our house for the historic homes tour Sissi has started peeing on the dining room rug and the lounge room ceiling has sprung a leak.

It is one of those leaks that will be hard to pin down so we expect that it will bother us for some considerable time. 

Other than that it has been so hot and wet that about 8 million mushrooms have sprouted in the back garden, the grass is so long I will need a combine harvester to cut it a and one of our largest new trees has died.

It will be an exciting couple of weeks while we prepare for the big day. 


  1. "I suspect most US politicians are so lethargic that they do not have the initiative to take bribes."

    They much rather take a bundle of money for endorsing a fellow politician! No middlemen, see. ;-)

  2. Their neXt piece of legislation could be the Louisiana Sell. HopefuLLy it wiLL be just the state and not the original French deal. I wonder how much of the national debt could be handled with such a money maneuver. That would require losing the Duck Dynasty folks and bust interstate 10 and 20 into separate pieces.

  3. One quick solution that would be
    is to move the rug so the cat could pee
    into the other room directly squarely under
    where the ceiling is currently leakily a wonder.
    It may not rank up there with the Shroud of Turin
    but it may entertain the crowds when they come a tourin'.

  4. I'd come up and visit you, but it's a whole 700 miles. ;)

    Bru Burger? Here in Stillwater we have Fuzzy's Tacos.

  5. Will you dress the part and do the Docent thing? I am sorry for your leak -I think mine might finally be fixed now. Frightful, the leaking. The tree dying thing is sad but really, you should be used to this.

  6. There's no place like home... :)

  7. Merisi: And they are much better at not getting caught.

    esb: Excellent idea. But I am not sure who buy Louisiana - I think the French are no longer interested.

    esb: I will name you the Poet of Texas.

    SK Waller. I could 700 miles in a day. Beware!

    fmcgmccllc: I will be a docent but not a dressed up one. Yes - what's another tree to me.

    Sandy: Damn right.