Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I doubt they will have Dagwood Dogs


I have almost finished the deck – but it seems to rain almost every day and this is slowing me down. I only have some of the floor to go – apart from some touching up here and there.

The floor that we have done with two coats looks quite good and only a trained eye could see the blotches and paint spatters.

The touching up I have to do involves me getting on top of the roof. I may not survive this task so am leaving it until last.

But the garden is almost finished and Hermione the garden person was here this morning drawing a plan – so that we know what everything is and what and when to feed it.

A plant died but Hermione replaced it at no cost. It is possible that I killed it by brushing against it on my way out the back gate – but maybe it was just a weakling – and we want none of those in our garden. You have to be tough to survive an Indianapolis winter.

It is Indiana State Fair time and we are promising ourselves we will go. It will probably be a bit like the Sydney Easter Show – but I doubt that they will have Dagwood Dogs.


  1. Lovely yard, coming along nicely. I don't know about those exact dogs, but they will have dogs.

  2. I wait to hear whether they have Dagwood Dogs and if they're as good as I/we remember. DagDogs, strawberry icecreams (with REAL strawberries hidden inside the cone) and honey with REAL comb in it are the only reasons I would go to the Ekka. Now I'm older nothing would drag me there. Too expensive to get in, too expensive to park or train it and too bloody crowded! I'm turning into a curmudgeon - and loving it! Have a great time...

  3. fmcgmccllc: I am looking forward to seeing what kind of dogs they have.

    Sandy: I think we will only go to the sate fair because we can cycle there. I will report on the edibles.