Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bring a brush

OK so I tried pigeon spikes – you thought I was kidding didn’t you – and we had success for about three hours.

Then Sissi worked  out that – using movements perfected by Blondin – that she could delicately mince around the pigeon spikes and jump down from the gate onto the steps.

Monika noted this carefully and followed suit.

Monika surprised us all later in the evening when she spotted a neighborhood cat in our yard. She hurdled the fence and gave chase – this is Monika who would be terrified by a white mouse – and pursued it almost to the street.

So today I installed another row of pigeon spikes. There are now two parallel rows – leaving no room for mincing cats.

I am sure this will get the job done. But I am still thinking of other things just in case.

Garden lady is planting the last of our new trees today. Our garden will the be as good as it gets until we have another burst of activity next year.

The new deck is busy drying and is almost ready for painting. If anyone would like to visit in the next few weeks you will be most welcome. Bring a brush.


  1. I'm concerned about these pigeon spikes. What happens if a cat tries to leap over and doesn't make it ? Won't it lead to shish kebab cat?

  2. Ingenuity in cats... Who'd a thought it? I may have found a solution for your bird-seed thieving squirrels here

    Congrats on the new grandchild. I think there is only one male left on our side to carry on your name, if indeed, we are related.

  3. No problems there - they are bendy plastic. They only look ferocious.


    Thanks for the idea and the congrats.

  4. So you won't be firing the cannon at the cats?

  5. fmcgmccllc: It is not out of the question.