Thursday, January 9, 2014

It looks like tomorrow

We spend a lot of time looking at weather reports and airline status for St Johns, Ottawa, Toronto and Indianapolis to assess our chances of getting home. It looks good for a Friday departure from here. We are sure we will get to Ottawa and we may even get toToronto and then home.

Today Cate got a call from the local constabulary asking her to pay a visit to them to file an accident report for our minor incident last week. The law is that one must file an accident report for any event where the combined damage is $1,000 or more. 

We wonder why the car rental company did not tell us this. It is difficult to imagine any type of collision in which the damage would amount to less than $1,000 - and this was confirmed by the constable to whom we spoke who said that he spends and extraordinary amount of time filing reports.

We discovered that the people with whom we had collided changed drivers. We all think that the woman was driving but their report says the man was driving. Cate considered her options about this but decided that there was little point in disputing this as none of us would swear that we were right - and we would just get ourselves into a bun fight which could well involve another trip to St Johns. Shriek.

It is - of course - still below zero today with a significant wind chill factor - but we are pretty well acclimatised now and are able to wander the streets without too much difficulty.

There is no Starbucks presence here - mainly because the local equivalent - Tim Hortons - has the market sewn up. He makes good coffee and excellent honey dipped donuts. Our favorite breakfast place is Coffee Matters just across the road from the hotel and they do an outstanding omelette croissant. We really hope we have been there for the last time.

We went downtown and bought new luggage tags today. There is a good chance that we will lose our luggage on the way home and our current tags - as we realised when we got here - show our Austrian details.

We have have girded our loins for tomorrow and are ready for anything. We do hope we do not finish the day with fallen crests.


  1. It is actually pretty balmy here in the teens and the wind has died down. Supposed to warm up and rain, just lovely.

  2. Hope all goes smoothly for you tomorrow. I'll keep you in my thoughts!

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  5. Sorry that posted three times. WTF!

  6. You should accidentaLLy come to Texas, as it is s'pposed to be 66 on Saturday and Sunday. And we are in the northern end of the state. Our general lack of cloud cover makes it feel even warmer.

  7. fmcgmccllc: And here as well. The snow is melting nicely.

    SK Waller: Thank you very much. Your thoughts worked a treat.

    esb: We would love to come to Texas - and will do this probably next year.