Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You'all have a narse day

Last night I had my first taste of hominy grits. These are larger than the other grits I have eaten. I did not find them to be either interesting or tasty - but they are immensely popular down south so must have some good features. Perhaps it is a case of they were the only things to eat long ago - so that is what they did.

We just love Charleston. It is so far the finest place we have visited in the USA. Tonite we had dinner at Husk where the world famous chef Sean Brock is in residence. It was the best meal we have had so far in America.

For the starter I had the fire roasted coosaw cups from lady's island with green garlic butter and preserved Meyer lemons. For the entree my choice was the Tennessee flat iron, spicy peanut-soy glazed broccoli with peppers and mushrooms, star anise glacé, puffed tendon.

I have no idea what any of that means - but it was fabulous.

We went for a long walk today around Charleston - seeing the things that blog readers have suggested we see. It is a stunning place. We rather wish that Colonel Ducky had settled here rather than Indianapolis - but then he was in the Union army so that was hardly feasible.

The people here talk funny. They all say you'all a lot. They are all very friendly. But then they think that we talk funny.

We have not yet seen any Confederate flags so perhaps the passage of time may be healing the wounds.

Tomorrow we are going to see a former slave plantation. I do not expect this to be a pleasant experience - but it has to be done.

There are lots of coffee shops here - serving espresso coffee - it is heaven.






  1. I was trying and partiaLLy failing to write something siLLy that combined y'all and U-Haul the other day, but I was in a sleep deprivation and in-a-holding pattern starvation due to a delayed road trip Black Friday mess that ended at Cracker Barrel then I forgot to resume. I have not made it to South Carolina yet, but I have watched the music video by Darius Rucker 'Wagon Wheel' a bazillion times on my iPhone, so I have partial credit.

    We'all sound funny, to somebody.

  2. I KNEW you'd love Charleston!
    The only problem is, I wanna be there too! NOW.

  3. P.S.:
    You need to eat spicy Shrimp n Grits, that will make you love both. Make sure you get Carolina shrimp, from South Carolina Lowcountry, they are so tasty you'll forget about lobster!

  4. Regarding road food:
    Try to look out for Sonny's Real Pit BAR-B-Q - it's a chain, but their chicken und baby spareribs are outstanding, and please have at least one serving of fried okra.

    Sonny's Bar-B-Q, Trip Planner w locations: Sonny's Bar-B-Q (I only know the one at the I-95 exit to Brunswick, Georgia)

  5. It isn't you'all. It is yawl. y'all. Some folks in upper East Tennessee say you'uns, or you'uns all. And if someone says, y'all bin to the far tar? That means, have you been to the fire tower. It takes getting used to,
    If you get to Gatlinburg, DO partake of the Smoky Mountain Moonshine at the distillery. They do tastings (it IS legal now by the way). There are flavored ones, I prefer the 100 proof, but it is all tasty in moderation of course.

  6. ebb: when people tell us that we have funny accent we say no YOU have a funny accent.

    Merisi: Well if you come to America we can go on a road trip. Isaw the shrimp and grits but decided on the fried green tomatoes. Have not seen Sonnys yet - but will stop if we do.

  7. Mary Anne Rudolph: I would love to try the legal moonshine - but it may to wait until our next trip. See today's blog.

    Head in the sun: not as bad as it sounds. Looks and tastes like to prawn chip.