Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tomorrow may be turkey day

We bought these ducks in Charleston
The Christmas tree was even heavier than I thought – and we had to lift it up to get it into the tree holder thingy. I very nearly busted a foofle valve – but we did it. I am so glad we did not get a bigger one. Next year it will be smaller – and we are even (shudder) thinking of getting an artificial tree – for the sake of the environment.
Sissi tried very hard to climb it but the branches are too dense – or perhaps she is too large. She clearly remembers a time when she was a small cat and was able to climb our trees in Vienna. Those days are long gone.
In Vienna I had accounts with Amazon in the UK and Germany. I thought I had deactivated these but when I bought my Crockpot online a few days ago I apparently bought it from the UK. WTF?
I got a confirmation from Amazon UK telling me that they had received my order for a Crockpot costing $44. The shipping cost was $66 and the estimated customs duty was $22. Shriek!
Fortunately – they could not get payment from my credit card – because it was my Austrian card which has been closed – so could not process the order.
But here’s the thing. I cannot for the life of me find my way back into the UK account so that I can make it inactive. I obviously did to place the order – but every combination of user name and password will not get me back in.
I have not yet bought our Turkey. I am counting on Costco not selling out. I was planning on waiting until Saturday – but may crack and buy it tomorrow. The thought of staring into the Costco fridge and finding it bereft of Turkeys fills me with great dread.
Gwenyth arrives tomorrow night and if she is up to it we will take her to our local pub for dinner. We have a full day planned for her on Saturday – it includes Costco and Fresh Market.


  1. The biggest worry about the turkey is what size do you want, the smaller sizes sell the fastest and you may end up with a 24 pound turkey, happened to us once, and don't forget the recommended safe thawing time.

  2. I LOVE the duck(s)!

    We finally broke down and got an artificial tree last year. It cost a small fortune, but it's pre-lit, easy to put up, and really looks beautiful. I'll never be sorry! No more vacuuming needles, buying, checking, and winding and unwinding lights, or worrying about fires--we even leave it turned on all night, which looks lovely to the people driving by since it's in the bay windows facing the main avenue. Most of all, my back thanks me and I like to do whatever keeps it happy.

  3. I decided we are too busy for turkey at Christmas and asked Tamie not to get one and she is overjoyed about not cooking another turkey. She is wanting to buy me a huge buffalo selection package deal after the beginning of the year, which I think that she thinks we need a freezer, except we happen to have a total of 4 refrigerator with freezers spread out between the two houses and the business downtown, and we should surely be able to find enough room between those 4 devices I would hope because there are really mainly 3 adults who use them.

  4. Quick: You must have accidentally opened the amazon UK account. I have accounts with 3 different amazon country sites, but it would always only open the one I clicked on, as in "" gets me to the American one. Interestingly, they always "know" when a card has been deleted or expired. Hm, come to think of it, there must be some naughty Christmas elf playing with your accounts! ;-)

    You can delete that after reading it! Thanks. :-)
    A certain M got a Christmas card. Neighbours were probably sending it around the building, puzzled about the "M" - well, got back last night, saw it on the community board, and home with me it went! Woohoo! Thanks. xxx

  5. fmcgmccllc: I took your advice and bought my turkey - and got a small one.

    SK Waller: Yes I think the artificial tree thing is the way to go. The real tree is just too much hassle.

    esb: We do not have as hectic a life as you do so can take the time to do a turkey - and we still enjoy it,

    Merisi: Yes I opened the UK account somehow - but can't find out how I did it. Hmmm..I should probably use your real name - I thought they would just put it in your post box.