Thursday, November 7, 2013

I just can't wait

Autumn colors today
OK so Merisi helped me find my Picasa album. It was stolen by Google+ and hidden away. I can now access my photos but I can’t attach Picasa to my blog.
I have to work out another way to attach a photo album to my blog – and I am sure someone will tell me how.
Tomorrow I have to start planning our trip down south after we spend Thanksgiving in Vienna VA with Cate’s brother and his wife. We really like going there because they have two indoor cats and lots of squirrels. They used to have Chipmunks but the next door cat ate them.
I haven’t seen a Chipmunk in Indianapolis – why is this?
We have only a week and are thinking that we would really like to visit Charleston and Savannah – then drive back to Indianapolis through the Great Smoky Mountains. We will not go to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry because we are saving this for a later trip.
If anyone knows some places we really should see we would appreciate suggestions.
Today the blind people came to install the last of the blinds we ordered in June. They very nearly got finished until they discovered that one of them had been sewn incorrectly. But the sewing lady was with blind installer’s wife and she promised that it will be completed next week.
I will miss seeing into the next door neighbor’s lounge room and staring at their basketball hoop. 
Next week Cate is going to Chicago on business and I am going to spend the weekend with her. This will be my first visit to Chicago – and I will be driving there in her Audi – which I rarely get to drive.  Can't wait. 


  1. I found someone's blog that said you could find chipmunks at Holliday Park, I think that is about 6 miles away. Happy hunting!

  2. I seriously considered moving to Savannah after a friend took me there in the late-90s. History feels like a living thing there. Problem is, I'm just not a southerner in any way.

  3. esb: I must go and check it out. Perhaps I could persuade some to come to my place.

    SK Waller: I don't really think we have much in common with the south but it will be nice to have a look.

  4. The Great Smoky Mountains can get treacherous that time of year. It is deceptive but they are quite high up for the U.S. and the roads go along/above the tree line. People have been lost in there on the regular roads. Not often, but pay attention.

  5. Treacherous? Lost. WTF. We have real roads here in the smokies, they do close them if it snows, but we don't seem to get much snow until January and later. There are wonderful places to visit even if you just do it from your car. Drive the Cades Cove loop road, 11 miles, and get out and walk to some of the cabins/churches/barns. Drive the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail (closes Dec 1st I think). Drive Hwy 441 from Gatlinburg to Cherokee NC, overlooks, a beautiful drive even in winter. We have no place in the smokies that is above treeline by the way. You can even contact me when you are here if you want, I live outside of Gatlinburg. There are lots of oddities like the Upside Down House, in a nearby town called Pigeon Forge, but you can avoid all that glitzy stuff. WinterFest starts this weekend, lots of holidaylights in towns around. I-40 goes right through the heart of the mountains, but skirts the edge of the National Park. You really need to get off the interstate, get a hotel then drive to the National Park area. There are cabins for rent and many hotel/motels, but avoid Pigeon Forge if you can. Just saying. There is an arts and crafts community in Gatlinburg that has many shops, and trolley service to them. Just start looking at stuff online and you will see what is here for tourists or for nature lovers. We do have chipmunks. And bears.

  6. fmcgmccllc: I promise to be very careful.

    Mary Anne Rudolph: Thank you very much for the advice - we will make sure we see your highlights. And it is nice to know about the roads. We are really looking forward to this trip!

  7. Badger, I think everyone looks in on a fairly short list of sights in both cities and if you're determined to run out to Fort Sumter well so be it.

    But my best hours in Charleston involved parking along 'rainbow row' - the Cooper river side of the peninsula - and then just piling into the neighborhood on foot. The walks, the trees, the glimpses into walled gardens, the always interesting architecture, the sheer abundance of impressions are worth a bit of uneven paving.

    I similarly walked the string of old squares from the Factors' Walk all the way to Forsythe Park - in my case, very late at night. Thought the doorman at our hotel was going into shock when I told him where I'd been. To hell with him. It's a great walk and the old town is stunning.

    As a Southerner, let me say that Charleston and Savannah aren't for non-natives. They're for visiting and enjoying for a day or two.

  8. feuillet: Thank you very much. We will follow your advice.

  9. I happened to think of just one more item, possibly helpful. If your schedule calls for you to spend an evening in transit somewhere near Aiken, SC, I think I can recommend the Willcox Inn there. Was a good room and a good dinner as recently as September.

    I wouldn't go much out of my way. But it knocks merry hell out of putting up for the night generic.

  10. feuiilet: Thanks for that - I will add it to my collection.