Sunday, November 3, 2013

Back to Hoosierville

Well we did get to the Hunter Valley to sample some fine Australian whites. We bought a few bottles for the Hendersons and a few from Lake’s Folly for us to bring home.
The major excitement at the Hendersons was Cate’s ride on his John Deere mower. She did not get this above 1 kilometer an hour but said it was a thrilling ride which she enjoyed enormously. 
We stayed on the 73rd floor of an apartment block in Brisbane – which meant that I could not go near the windows – and we had some lovely views.
Cate went back to Indy and I went on to Sydney to stay with my son Lenny and his wife Carmenchita. He provided me with some excellent Australian whites – I had forgotten how good these are. I saw my daughter Kezza and my two grandchildren – who are both growing like topsy.
Lenny (the dog) and I had a bad start to our relationship when he bit me - but after I had stemmed the bleeding I made a renewed effort and after an hour we were best friends and he was sleeping on top of me.
We took the two dogs – Lenny and Bandit – walking every day on the local parks or at the beach. Bandit just loves chasing a ball – and will steal another dog’s ball if he can – but Lenny (the dog) just likes to mooch about and bark at other dogs.


  1. Good to know you are safely back at the Indianapolis fireside! ;-)

  2. Does Lenny the dog belong to Lenny the human? I am glad you did not bleed to death.

  3. Merisi: And I have the gas fires working!

    Lenny the dog does belong to Lenny the Human. To tell the truth it was not a life threatening injury.