Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are good to go

Cate is still in Saudi Arabia in her Abaya but goes to Bad Homburg tomorrow and can wear proper clothes.

The Hendersons arrived after a refreshing 30 hour flight on various airlines including Finnair and were in remarkably good shape – considering.

I got a dreadful dose of something from my Doctor – who last time I saw her was barking like a seal. I knew it was a mistake to be in the same room as her but I did it  - and suffered the consequences.

A few days later in America I was barking like  a seal and now feel terrible – even after a week.

Things are hotting up here.

The good news is that Spring has finally arrived and it is starting to get warmer.

Today we had a succession of people through the apartment. These included the owner, a painter, a cleaner and my relocation agent who is attending to all the business of erasing our existence in Vienna. More will come tomorrow. This is a bonus – I thought I would have to do this myself.

In six months time it will be as though we were never here – apart of course from my account with T-Mobile which will go well into the next century.

I recounted to the owner the long and sordid history of the non-functioning of the air-con and he was most sympathetic. He has waived the cost of the final service of the system.

The worst news so far was that it appears that the Nomad people – who are looking after our temporary accommodation in Indianapolis – have given us the wrong address.

I asked them to confirm the details – which they did - before I broadcasted it to all and sundry throughout the know universe but today they have come back with a different apartment number. Terrific.

It is likely that we – the cats and the air-freight shipment will end up in three different places.

But the good news is – we got our passports back from the US Consulate. We are good to go! 


  1. Never fear. There's still lots of other things that can go wrong.

    My brother and his wife left last week for 89 day trip through Ireland, Scotland, England and parts of the European mainland. There flight from Melbourne was delayed so they missed their flight from Dubai to Dublin! I think they will be happy on their 2-week canal cruise at the end of lots of driving.

    Don't worry. They won't look you up because you will have already left when they reach Vienna.

    I will show Nea and Molly photos of your new home...

  2. Yea! Sorry to hear about the seal barkiness. I have been sick for almost a week with maybe the same thing, today being especiaLLy bad. I was looking forward to maybe groc shopping today, but no.

  3. You are way too organized.
    Do you think your "relocation agent" could come to Ararat?

  4. Good on the passports, bad on the barking.

  5. Hi Badger. Inspired by my discovery of the existence of an amazing new profession—relocation agents—I've found the perfect name for the continuation of your interesting blog... which will of course, as usual, have little to do with Austria. Relocation for Dummies. Learn how to press on a button and suddenly find yourself in America! Wow!

  6. Annie: Oh Yes: I just can't wait.

    esb: It seems to be particularly bas this year - and I had a flu shot!

    hits: Of course - but they will want to fly business class.

    fmcgmccllc: I sound like the dog next door.

    William: Oh I wish it were that easy!