Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back in Vienna

We are back in Vienna – again to freezing weather. The heating systems has had enough of it and has packed it in completely. It was 17° in the apartment  when we got home and the cats were huddled together for warmth.

This weather is ridiculous.

We will miss our apartment but be won’t miss the air conditioning. The owner of the apartment is coming to visit - for the first time ever - next week so I shall attempt to explain the problems to him. Not that I now give a rats - as we will be gone in three weeks.

Cate is of course still going at it hammer and tongs and goes to Riyadh and Bad Homburg on Sunday.

On Tuesday the Hendersons arrive and on Saturday we go to Burgundy for a week  where we have rented a property called the ‘Moulin Vert’ for a week.

I hope that Cate will be able to relax and start to wind down after what for her has been a strenuous 5 years – and for me has been a doddle. I sometimes feel bad about that. 


  1. I'm sure you have had at least five strenous years at some point in your work career, before running a cat rodeo. It would be hard for me to go back to a fuLL time job now that I have Cooper. I do need to do some painting outside soon downtown, maybe play lumberjack.

  2. I am concerned. Your new home looks HUGE! Does the the "yard" include grass? Sorry, I just remembered that you have gardeners here, and no doubt will there... Why am I feeling sorry for you?

  3. Love the snow-topped egg, great picture!

  4. esb; be careful with the lumberjack thin It is designed for young and agile people...not that I am suggesting....

    Annie: There is some grass which I will do my best to remove ASAP

    Merisi: Thanks