Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now I can make an Apfelstrudel

We have had brilliant weather during the last week and it almost feels like Spring has arrived. But I know how this works so I am quite sure that we are going to have another really cold snap.

Jules came yesterday and we went to Bauhaus and got another load of logs for the fire.

I gave up up carting wood after I broke my ribs so now I just supervise Jules while he loads the logs into the car and then out again at the other end – carts them up to the apartment and then stacks them. He is only a slip of a boy but is very strong and can carry much more than I can.

It’s not actually necessary for us to have a fire because the heating actually works properly now – but the cats just love it so  much that it is worthwhile lighting the fire just to see them stretch out in front of it and toast themselves.

Yesterday was Cate’s birthday and she was in a hotel room in Bangkok - on her way home. She got back early this morning so we are having a knees up tonight.

I spent yesterday blowing up balloons and doing flower displays throughout the house. I took the cats to have a colour and blow dry at the Friseur downstairs so that they were in top condition for her homecoming.  

Yesterday Merisi taught me how to make real Viennese Apfelstrudel and took these photos. 


  1. I am proud of you for getting the strudel accomplished. I usually by mine at the marketplace, and peach more often than apple. Happy Birthday Cate!

  2. So nice to come home to an open fire, the house full of flowers, strudel and freshly beautified cats. Happy birthday, Cate.

  3. Looks wonderful, Happy Birthday to Cate.

  4. Happy birthday to Cate! :-)

    I found this video online:
    How to make an apple strudel - I'd say the way you pulled the dough, by throwing it up in the air was way more impressive though!

    I had to look for a definition of "knees-up" in the dictionary. :-(

  5. Have you ever tried to learn any recipes from "My Drunk Kitchen" ? I doubt that her strudel would be as good as yours.

  6. Happy birthday Cate - sounds like she came home to a wonderful day !

  7. mmm, strudel! love it! : ) happy (late) birthday to cate! and i know what you mean in your last posts about being okay w/ the alone time. i'm generally social-butterfly girl, in that i'm usually w/ friends or family out & about. but it's so nice to just be home, curled up w/ a book, magazine, Bible, movies, hulu... : ) blogs! heh.

  8. Well done! It looks delicious. Perhaps you've discovered a 2nd career? Enjoy the shindig. HB Cate!

  9. I'm so jealous. Do you know how much I would love to be there in your kitchen with you and Merisi?

  10. mate you look like Dr henkel....out of Pink Panther! lol!

  11. esb: Well that would be a much easier option than my way.

    Merricks; Thanks from cate

    fmcgmccllc: More thanks from Cate

    Merisi: But I got holes in my dough. More thanks from Cate.

    esb: I have not. And the kudos for the Strudel should go to Merisi.

    Me: More thanks from Cate.

    carmar76: More thanks from Cate

    Sandy: I just would not have the patience to do that all the time.

    SK: We would have a fun time!

    simon: I will her to re-watch the movies - I have them all - to check on Dr Henkel

  12. Hi, long time not see your posts, I come back and I`m glad to see a delicious Apfelstrudel, but could you give us the recipe, it looks delicious and I found so nice that you have a house full of flowers.
    It`ll smell so good!

  13. GAVIOTA: See today's post for the recipe.

  14. oh great, now i crave apfelstrudel.....

  15. © Rozalin:
    So do I. Ever since I left Badger's house on Friday. ;-)

  16. That's a funny pic of yourself. Your rib still hurts? It has been a long time, right?

  17. ahhh, what a great picture of you badger!