Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maybe it is an Austrian cat thing?


Today was such a fabulous day in Vienna that I went for a two hour bike ride along the Donauinsel. It was just perfect with no wind – and very few other people around.

Well – it is still very cold and according to the weather thingy in my iPhone it was -°4 while I was cycling – but I was well rugged up.

Anyway – there is this thing with the cats at night.

Now any cat I have ever had has wanted to sleep on top of me but Monika has a real fetish and follows me around waiting for me to sit down and provide a perch. The moment I recline in front of the TV she climbs up and settles on my chest.

It is the same when I am in bed except that her preference there is to sleep on  my shoulder when I am lying on my side. She actually perches on my shoulder – with her head next to mine - and can sleep happily like this for hours.

When I roll over she walks over me like lumberjack - log rolling until she gets to the other shoulder. I have never had a cat do this.

So I can cope with that because she eventually gets sick of perching and goes and lies somewhere less precarious.

Sissi’s problem is that she constantly wants to be patted and have her head rubbed – and this is a frequent requirement at night.

But she is not passive about this because when she feels like a pat she comes up to the sleeping human and prods him or her with her needle like claws until they wake up and oblige. And if you fall asleep before she has had enough - well you get another clawing.

I have never had a cat do this either and it can be a bit wearing when it happens at 3:00 AM because Sissi is feeling neglected.  

Maybe it is an Austrian cat thing?  


  1. No. My cat exhibits similar behavior.

  2. That reminds me I need to find my bike and get it in order. Well, I have a month or so with the weather here, icy out there.

    I never have understood cats.

  3. Doubt it, rather an inherent feline mother's cats exhibit the same urge...

  4. Doubt it, rather an inherent feline mother's cats exhibit the same urge...

  5. My dog does several things close to these behaviors, and I have detected several cat like movements, but he absolutely hates cats. He did a good job "protecting" me last night. A deer actually came up on the front porch while I was inside. I heard some strange banging on the other side of the wall, and Tamie asked, is that a deer?!?!?, but Cooper jumped on the couch and scared it/them away before I could actually see them. We live on the edge of the city so we have quite a deer situation, especially this time of year.

  6. Dogs have masters and cats have staff. You are just one of their employees... The canal looks lovely.

  7. I found the Wikipedia article for the Donauinsel, it has some interesting pictures, especially number three.

  8. *lol*... similar to our nights... Balu (Monikas daughter, thus Sissy#s sister) sleeps on top of me. I frequently awake with no feeling in my arms because the "featherweight" has perched on top of me. Mogli is different story. She is Holgers baby. This means she takes up most of his side of the bed and sleeps there quite happily, the problem is when she wakes in the middle of the night and wants attention. No she can not just poke her nose in Holgers face she meows... LOUDLY.... Holger sleeps like a corpse, so I end up having to wake him to give her a second of attention so she can go back to sleep..... gotta love these creatures!

  9. I don't think I'll tell Jim about today's post. He LOATHES cats!

  10. SK Waller: I am guessing it is not Austrian so it's just a cat thing.

    fmcgmccllc: No one can understand cats. They just are.

    David: I guess they are born with it.

    esb: I don't think my cats would be any good at protecting me from anything at all.

    Sandy: Exactly

    Rozalin: Sissi has suddenly started to meow when she wants something - which is better than being clawed I suppose.

    Annie: That's only because ours used to piss on his doormat.