Monday, July 4, 2011

The nitwitedness is hardwired

Apparently I forgot to tell you that we are going to Stockholm on Wednesday for our Anniversary.  Molly was most surprised to learn this today when I told her but I am sure I told her ages ago – but when you reach my vast age things do start to slip.

This is part of our quest to explore Scandinavia and we are doing as much as we can while we are in Europe. Denmark was last year and Norway is planned for Christmas this year.

I will of course hope to blog. I will not be doing anything dangerous and will stay away from Huskies.

I spent  tonight cocking up a trip to Dublin which we are taking when Liz and Darryl come to Europe in September.

We are all going to Washington DC for a wedding and we booked these tickets some time ago. Liz and Darryl are then going to the UK before coming to Vienna so we thought we would join them there.

We have tried without success to change our tickets so that we can fly from Washington to London. It is cheaper and easier to fly home to Vienna and then to fly the next day to Dublin. Indeed it would be cheaper and easier to built a raft and sail across the Atlantic.

We used points to get to Washington and to change flights with these is like getting an Austrian to smile.

Anyway – what I do best is cocking up flight bookings. I am so much better at this than I am at hotels. So we need to fly to Dublin on Tuesday morning and come back on Sunday evening. What could be hard about that. Nothing unless you are a nitwit.

I now allow for the fact that every time I make a booking I will have to pay a fee to change the booking with 24 hours. There is nothing I can do about.  It is hard wired nitwitedness.


  1. It must be so wonderful to travel! I hope you know that I follow along with you, quite vicariously, wherever you go.

  2. SK Waller: I hope you do - that is why I blog about it. I am so very lucky to have this opportunity to live in Vienna - in the middle of Europe - with the means to travel all over it.