Monday, July 25, 2011

It was Tina

It was Tina Arena who sang the Australian National Anthem at the ceremony for Cadel Evans on Sunday. There is a story here

Tina – who much to my son Lenny’s horror – has always been one of my favourite singers – now lives in Paris and is indeed very popular there.

And Tina when she was a little bit younger


  1. Fabulous - thanks for hunting out that info.

  2. Thanks so much for this, I missed it on tv. What a brilliant race and such a worthy winner! Amazing, thanks again x

  3. Congratulations Australia!

    I'm not sure I had ever heard your National Anthem; it's lovely.

  4. tina arena. ughhh. almost ruined the moment.

  5. Now, I did wonder at the national anthem, as if it were a win at the Olympics. Great story.

  6. nzm: I just had to know - and should have known at the time.

    Beck; My pleasure

    smedette: I shall sing it again for you when we meet.

    lenny: I will like to hear Dave and Coral Snakes version but still.

    Merricks: A moment for the history books indeed.

  7. I'm with you Badger. I've always thought Tina has a great voice too!
    Perhaps Lenny has always held a torch for her, but can't admit it to his mates?? You must have heard the saying about doth protesting too much, methinks? ;~))))))

  8. oh well mate good taste isn't everything....could be worse could be amy winehouse or kylie minogue.

    as Jim would sing ( at the MOST embarising moments eg in a pub in the outback)..

    "OZ trailings all eat ostriches for breakfast lunch and tea..... my Sheilas rooted, SO am I

    "Advarnce OZtrailians Fair....."


  9. Annie: Hasn't she grown!

    Pam: I can assure you he hasn't

    Simon: Sounds like our Maalie!