Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whacky, corrupt AND religious is a bridge too far

There are some strange things happening in Australia. The previously impregnable Labor government is gurgling down the plughole and a most unlikely scenario has emerged - that Tony Abbott could be the next Prime Minister. Had you told me this six months ago I would have laughed out loud - but the world is an amazing place and capable of almost anything.

We can blame this largely on Kevin Rudd who has proved to be a grave disappointment to me - and apparently to many others.

Tony Abbott is the person who a short while ago told a group of students that the earth was warmer ‘at the time of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth’ than it is now. He has previously said that man-made climate change is ‘complete crap’.

This is not unusual in the Liberal Part which is a party of climate change skeptics and has not changed its manifesto since 1952.

Their main authority on this is that arch Honking Tosser Lord Monckton. They drag the Lord out to Australia regularly to slobber his fatuous nonsense over enthralled audiences of troglodytes. The 50,000 scientists with hard evidence on global warming do not get a look in.

What Tony says of course is at odds with everything science has learned about climate change in the last 50 years. But never let the truth get in the way of personal goals and ambitions.

Tony will make a wonderful Prime Minister. We know he is apt to talk complete nonsense. His idea last week was to send all unemployed people to Western Australia so that they could fill the vacancies in the mining industry.

We also know from personal experience that he is corrupt.

As Health Minister in the Howard government he kept the abortion inducing drug RU486 under his personal control and would not allow it to be released in Australia.

Why - of all the many thousands of drugs under his purview - would the Health Minister take such a personal interest in this particular one? Ah well - because of his religious beliefs. Yes - our Tony is a dedicated Catholic who lets no opportunity pass to impose his own religious views and beliefs on society in general.

As I have mentioned before - I don’t care about religion as long as the religious do not bother me and do try to impose their whacky views on me. This kind of stuff makes me cross. I do not want people making decisions for me based on what they think their invisible friend is telling them.

I am quite happy for my politicians to be completely whacky. I mean we have a long tradition in Australia of having whacky and corrupt politicians - indeed they are the most enjoyable - but whacky, corrupt AND religious is a bridge too far for me.


  1. OMG! You used the word troglodyte! I've never met anyone else who uses it. It's one of my favorite words.

  2. I expect to be there in September Badger. Anything I can do? (Short of assassination, of course).

  3. How strange would it be if the US had a more reasonable and progressive leader than either the UK or Aust? I wonder how long that would last...

  4. You can stop worrying so much about Abbott becoming PM. Pity you couldn't see him being interrogated by Kerry O'Brien last night. Kerry was masterful in how he pinned Tony down, pegging him out like an insect specimen.

    Today's SMH had "Read my lying lips: Abbott admits you can't believe everything he says"

    I'd think the worldwide pollies union will cancel his membership!