Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can you sneeze yourself to death?

Rozalin has told me that they are Ash trees.

They certainly go overboard in trying to propagate. Each tree produces about 60 tonnes of whatever which they then proceed to spread over the entire land causing untold misery.

Last night I endeavoured to prove the hypothesis that you can sneeze yourself to death – and I damn near succeeded. By 9:30 I was sneezing non stop and my eyes were streaming.

I was incapable of rational action so collapsed onto the bed whereupon I took sneezing, snuffling, wheezing, watering and dripping to new heights.

It go so bad that Muffin got off the bed and went into the lounge room. It has to be really bad for Muffy to do that.

I slept really badly and had to punctuate my night with a bowl of Corn Flakes at 3:30 AM and a short watch of a naked lady playing with a Hula Hoop on German TV. She was very clever indeed – the things she could do with that hoop! I am going to buy one for Cate.

I eventually staggered almost lifeless from bed at about 9:30.

It rained overnight and is a bit cooler. I have dosed myself with antihistamines and so far today have not been to bad.

It was unfortunate that this happened last night because I was gearing up to watch 20 episodes of Desperate Housewives. 20 Episodes? I hear you say. Well…it’s like this….

Cate’s existence is so harrowing that she sometimes has to escape into another world and Gruner Veltliner doesn’t always do it. For a while it was ‘House’ where she watched all four series over a period of a couple of months.

Now it is Desperate Housewives. I would like to watch this with her but she has a head start and is up to episode 20 in series 1. The only way I can catch up is to watch the first 20 episodes before she gets back.

(BTW today I think she is in Thailand).

This is a real challenge and I just cannot afford to have a night like last night.

Rozalin thinks the squeak is the water heater (no David I am sure it is not rats and mice playing backgammon – why? - because I would hear the dice rattling in the cup).

She is probably right and I will have to sit in there for a while to find out for sure.

Mind you – I have no idea what to do about it when I find out. I am quite sure that if the landlord is prepared to let us die of heat exhaustion he is not going to be bothered about a rogue squeak.

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  1. well if it is the water heater, you could tell this wonderful AA Cate has and she could arrange for the people to come by and fix it.. just be prepared that once the people arrive it will refuse to squeak, and when they see your stash of grüner veltliner they might begin to wonder ... ;o)