Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hmmm.....nice wine rack

Well the threat of my going on strike resulted in a massive increase in comments and 6% increase in the number of Blog Followers.

I have failed to respond to an earlier query about the location of Massimo in Landstrasser-Hauptstrasse. It is diagonally opposite the Mercure Hotel and just down a bit from Hartlauer and just up a bit from Trimellis Italian Restaurant – which incidentally serves excellent food – but very slowly – and is very smoky.

The man from Massimo is due back soon (unless he decides that a 7 week break is not really long enough) and I am looking forward to visiting him again. I will suggest that he puts on another assistant (he only has one) as clearly the two staff to one customer ratio is killing him and he needs a third to ease the pressure.

I put the wine rack together and it would be a handsome addition to any attic. It is gruesome and I have hidden it as best I can under the stairs. Unfortunately Cate will notice it immediately and say something like ‘Hmm – nice wine rack’ in the sarcastic manner the she uses for most of my acquisitions.

There is a reason she will not let me buy anything important at all – it is because I have awful taste and just don’t know what goes with what – although clearly this wine rack doesn’t go with anything at all.

In mitigation I can say only that it was the only one they had in that size. I could have bought 90 single bottle holders in the shape of ducks or rabbits but where would I have put them?

Cate is having a nice time in Moscow and has walked through Red Square in the snow. The apparently have much better snow than we do – their flakes are bigger. I guess it is much colder.

We have been very disappointed with our snow – we have only had two heavy falls – and there may not be much more around as it seems to be getting much warmer.

The heating seems to have stopped working so it looks like the cardboard has worn out and may have to be replaced. I don’t have enough strength to start the process of contacting the building people and may just wait until next winter.

Jura is back and is happily making really excellent coffee. I am just about to put Grumble Bum back in the box and send him to the basement. We will both be glad to see the last of each other for a while.


  1. I still think you should leave grumble bum upstairs so he can watch namby pamby prissy wissy in action.

  2. Oh good you have Coffee! Can't do without that. I have to admit that I am a Starbucks fan and that is were I have coffee most of the time unless I am with Eric as he likes the smaller coffee shops. I think he likes them as he smokes and as we all know you can smoke in most of the small shops. Glad the wine rack is together!

  3. Yesterday I planned to leave what would have been the first comment on your 100th blog but I had to do some real work. Usually I'm reading Vienna for Dummies before breakfast. Yesterday it was very late - in fact, I very nearly lodged a faint miaow in protest at your neglect...

    As one of your most regular commenters, I'm hopeful that your mini-grump is over and that blogs will greet me each morning, Tuesday to Saturday.

    Glad to hear the wine rack has arrived and been installed. Perhaps you could drape a rug over it, to hide its awfulness? Otherwise you'll have to sell Cate on the content being more important than the packaging, but then she may know that already.

    Yours in red wine!

  4. Trina - you need to stop Eric from smoking - he may not know this but it is not good for him - or for you - or anyone else. Best to do it now because in the USA there is almost nowhere you can smoke anyway.

    Annie - yes the most important thing is that the wine rack is stuffed full of wine.

    Also - I am apparently not going on strike.

  5. I think it is inherent in all gaggia's to develop an inferiorty complex after a few years of service. After my machine saw me drooling over a rancilio catalogue it now makes a sound like a bat screaming everytime it makes a coffee.

    belated congratulations on your 100th post.

  6. I knew you'd crack Uncle P! Strike, pffft!

    Glad to know Cate is enjoying Moscow.

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