Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't you dare take my photograph!

This is my 100th Blog – which is not bad for someone who started in September – and I have been a faithful correspondent.

However, notwithstanding the reasonable number of readers I have - I get very little feedback and sometimes I feel as though I should just write my blog and then put it in the shredder (If I had one which I don’t because it melted in the container on the way to Vienna).

So I am going on strike – probably only for a day – but if you people out there want to continue to read this pap you had better pull your socks up and either become Followers (of which there are only 16 for God’s sake) or leave some comments.

Incidentally Llama will be in Paris from 29 February to 6 March and I will be in Paris from 11 to 17 March. being that close to Llama’s legs makes my heart flutter! (Cate is in Moscow and they don’t have Internet there so she can’t read this).


  1. Please don't strike - we love your blog. Every morning Felise says "I want to see Grandad's blog".

  2. Hey I comment!! I enjoy your perspective on the city and since you and Cate travel about more than we do I enjoy the photos!

  3. Merlin just starts to pace whenever you don't blog. So do I! We don't know what to do with ourselves. Happy 100th.

  4. I also love this blog and I comment, well once or twice. In fact I'm still waiting for a response to my query in the comments to this entry regarding the whereabouts of Massimo's (I have to see this place for myself and hopefully will not choose to visit on a busy day, if it has reopened by now that is).

    And I live near Landstrasser Haupstrasse so I keep looking out for you (with your photo in my mind) so that I can congratulate you on this excellent blog.

  5. No No No...i read you faithfully like the Austrian Times. Do not go on strike, we are here!

  6. I follow your blog daily and rest assured I subject my office-mate with outbursts of seemingly random laughter each a.m.

    And I will certainly by one of the first in line to buy your first book...