Friday, May 1, 2015

What was she doing?

There was a story in the Huffington post  about a man who extracts women’s teeth with pliers while he is having sex with them.

I thought that would definitely be in Indianapolis – in fact I thought it was one of my neighbors -but it turns out that he is a Kiwi – and is facing eleven charges for the same sort of thing – but he sometimes uses a screwdriver.

In testimony played to Wellington District Court today, one of Hansen’s alleged victims claimed he held her down in a car while removing six of her bottom teeth with a pair of pliers and throwing them out the window.”

He threw them out the window. He doesn’t even want the teeth. He apparently likes gummy women.

WTF was she doing while he pulled out six teeth with pliers?

Now this is very weird behavior even by our standards here. He is one of those guys that I would just love to talk to about what makes him tick.

There are many people I would like to talk to. They include the man who decided that that signs to Indianapolis International Airport should read ‘Indpls Int’l Airport’.

Indpls? Where did he get that from?

Why not Indy? Everyone uses that – even the government.

Or if it is too big to fit on a sign why not say ‘Airport’. There is only one. What would he do with Mississippi?

Or the man who deigned the parking meters in Leichardt in Sydney. The LSD panel can barely be read in daytime and is just a black screen at night. At night you would see people striking matches or using a cigarette lighter to try to read the screen. 

Indianapolis is hosting an international cricket tournament.

The Indy Parks Department has confirmed that the Pepsi ICC Americas Division1-T20 Championship will be held on 3-9 May. (See - ‘Indy’)

The teams doing battle will be Canada, Bermuda, Suriname and the USA. The two top teams will go to the 2016 T20 tournament.

I have not seen any cricket for a while and just may pop out to see this spectacle. The thought of two heavyweights like Bermuda and Suriname battling it out sends chills down my spine.


  1. A tooth pulling rapist just sounds so bizarre, and doing it to a spouse. If read it correctly he went on to later marry one of his victims. Deep deep deep mental problems there, and he is denying it, of course.

  2. I would would think the poor woman would faint from the pain and terror of the act.

  3. esb: I think the pullees also had some problems.

    SK Waller: It's bad enough when a dentist does it with anesthetic - cannot imagine doing it with pliers.

  4. Well, I see the odd is still following you about. The dental story is chilling. I cannot believe she did not get violent after the first one.

  5. fmcgmccllc: Look the whole thing is just plain weird and cannot be explained.

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