Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am off the hook on the Innsbruck hotel

Stadtpark and Kursalon 4 April

Cate arrived back safely from Saudi Arabia. She does not enjoy trips to that place but just has to do it to see the people in the office – who are all male. 

She hates having to wear an Abaya – although the advantage is that she does not have to dress up for work each day and it does not matter what she wears underneath.

Apparently Arab women can be quite expressive under their Abayas and wear all sorts of exotic underwear and jewellery. And even some Abayas can be quite fancy. Cate has one that could almost be fashionable (in Saudi Arabia of course - it would not work in Vienna). 

So Easter is here and we have decided that we will go to Innsbruck. We will drive there on Friday and come back on Monday.

The shortest way there is through Germany - so we will go there that way and drive back via the scenic route through the mountains and valleys.

Cate has chosen the hotel so I am off the hook on that one. Of course she hasn’t taken any chances as the blurb says it is Innsbruck's only five star hotel - and anyone can do that. 

But I have been caught before so we shall see.


  1. I checked the location on the map to see how passing through Germany happened. Then I realized how Texas is oddly shaped, and so journeys from Texas to Texas could involve passing through New Mexico or Oklahoma. On a reaLLy good day it could involve passing through South Dakota, but that would involve getting reaLLy lost.

    On a trip to South Dakota one day five years ago my younger son called me while I was in Kansas. He asked if the journey was complicated, and I replied, "No, you just go to Perryton (TX) and take a left." We both laughed for quite awhile.

  2. I Love Innsbruck, last time my mother was there and she took a lot of photos. In my view is a beautiful place.
    Enjoy it.

  3. Have a great trip! We're having friends over for a Lamb of God dinner.

  4. esb: To get to Innsbruck you can just go to Munich and turn left but there is a shorter way.

    GAVIOTA: Thanks. We will take a lot of photos too.

  5. did you want to take some options for the merc? eg bull bar, air compressor, off road tyres..

  6. SK Waller: Have a wonderful time and don't forget to toast the Lord.

    Simon: No probs. Almost no gravel on the Austrian Autobahns. And no Bulls.

  7. yes but the options are "very cool"... like bling!

  8. Hope you are having a lovely time, Badger.

  9. Simon: Yes I know what you mean.

    Smedette: Thanks