Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Badger is taking a break

For a while now I have been taking stuff to prevent migraines from occurring. 

The good news is that this is working and I have not had to take a migraine tablet for weeks.   

The bad news is that it makes me feel as though my head is full of molasses and my body is full of porridge.

Now the rib thing has compounded the problem. I am hurting like hell and am having to take a lot of pain killers. It hurts when I sit up (and when I lie down) so I do not feel like writing. After a brief burst of activity on my return from Finland I have well and truly run out of steam and am going to hibernate for a while.  I will post some photos from Helsinki on the Picasa album linked to my Blog.


  1. go get better - take some well earned rest

  2. Thanks for posting about Lapland and your adventures while you were suffering.

    Jim and I wish you well and eagerly await signs of your recovery, i.e. a speedy return to blogging :-)

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I'm more than happy to send a care package full of USA goodies to you!

  4. Take care of yourself, rest up and get better. I'm glad you found something to help with your migraines. That's good news, though the side effects don't sound fun. x

  5. Sorry you are feeling so rotten.
    Have a good rest and look after yourself.

  6. Bugger all that Badger! Hope to see you back soon.

  7. Looking forward to reading your pearls of wisdom as soon as you feel up to it!

  8. Sorry you are not well. Hope you get better soon!

  9. Hope you are feeling Badgeriffic soon.