Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's time to Butt Out

The Dishwasher man has been (again) and has now been promoted to the position of Dishwasher Repairman. This visit only cost €57,60 (he is starting to feel sorry for me) a cost which I shall duly pass on to the owners.

This is a significant step forward as I no longer have to put the baking dish under the Dishwasher each time I turn it on. He has left me with another long strip of rubber which I shall fashion into Christmas ornaments.

These will be needed as they will not break or make a noise when Sissi drags them off the tree and batters them around the house.

It was a fabulous day in Vienna on Thursday and I was so excited I decided to write a short Blog to surprise Merisi.

I was pleased with myself for two reasons yesterday.

Firstly – I am not Tiger Woods. Any day now that I am not Tiger Woods is a good day as far as I am concerned.

‘Hi I’m Tiger Woods. I am the most successful golfer in history. I have won 14 major titles and I’m only 35 years old. I made $110 Million last year and I am the highest paid sportsman in the world – and the world’s first golfing Billionaire. I have a lovely wife and gorgeous children. My life is much too perfect and I think I will flush it down the toilet – let me see – how can I do this? Yes – I know!

Secondly – I have finally started my website


After our last horrendous experience at our very favourite restaurant I decided that it simply is not good enough that we have to continue to share our meals with smokers - so I decided to do something about it.

I am sure that there must be many visitors to Vienna who are seeking a smoke free experience. The intention of this site is to help the smoke free restaurants thrive and to put pressure on the nincompoops who run this country to do something constructive about the horrendous health problem they are perpetuating.

The sad part about this of course is that restaurants such as Ein Wiener Salon will not be on the site.

I have been planning this for a while and of course it will take some time to put together – but I have made a start. What you see (if you look) is the work I did on Thursday – starting at about 3:00 PM so it won’t take too long to make progress.

Any suggestions about the site, how it should be put together and function - or names of venues you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Oh - and by the way - The Rapture is due on Monday. But this guy has been wrong so many times already that I no longer have any faith in him at all. I think he should stop being a false prophet and take some lessons in web design.



  1. Great idea for a site! Yours, I mean, not the Rapture site. Why are those sites always so badly designed? Can't Jesus afford to hire any good web developers? Actually, I've been praying for the Rapture for years--maybe we can get this planet back on course after these idiots are taken away and put in that big rubber room in the sky.

  2. What a good initiative. A couple of additions: Nordsee (chain of fish canteen type places) is also smoke free, at least all the ones I've ever been to are. Also Der Mann, they are mostly take away sandwich bars but there are a few that have cafés (e.g. Naglergasse in the 1st district).

  3. Ta RRJ. I shall include those. Please let me know what else you find in your travels.

  4. Badger, I think you smoke-free site is a wonderful idea, but I think it could benefit from more bold type, some caps, exclamation points, highlighting in bright red and yellow and more flash. LOTS more flash. Just a suggestion.

  5. Fantastic idea - good luck with the project !!

  6. I'm impressed with the smoke-free site you're developing. But, and there's always a but, the typeface/font appears wispy in IE, particularly compared with your blog and our comments. I think it needs beefing up a bit.

    Jim assures me that he will take your instructions seriously... so you should expect to feel a bit pissed when waking up on Saturday morning!

  7. I support your campaign. There is often cleaner air at Gasometer City than in some of the coffee house.