Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things are a bit better here

Well things have settled down a bit here.

Moni and Sissi are very relaxed. Muffin is not quite as uptight as she was – but has a long way to go.

Last night we had a small furry visitor at 4:00 AM who spent some time jumping on us and biting our toes.

Muffin – who sleeps on the ledge behind the bed – regarded this with some distaste but did not react too badly.

Moni has - thank goodness – managed to find the kitty litter and while I do not expect much this is at least a start.

It has been a very stressful time for all of us – particularly Muffin. Unfortunately it was for Muffin that we did this as we thought she was lonely without Bill.

You can see from the pictures that Sissi gets plumb tuckered out after jumping around for an hour or so.


  1. just adorable!!!
    apparantly the toe biting runs in the family, balu loves doing it too!

    glad things are getting better, told you they would!!

  2. They are cute, but i prefer cats that look evil :).

  3. You're still a way from happy families but keep working on it!

    Any chance of a photo of Muffin? She should not be left out of the pictorial history of these challenging times...

    By the way, is your catminder following your blog?

    And, when do you leave Wien for your world trip?

  4. Don't worry - I suffered a Muffinesque reaction when my little sister was born. Fifty years later I'm quite begining to like her!

  5. Pic of Muffin provided. Details of travel plans provided. The Cat Minder is a seasoned performer and will not be bothered by trivialities like cats defecating on the floor. Muffin my look evil by the time we get back - I will provide a pic. I am not sure Muffin has 50 years left in her (as she is 17) but will give her the good news.