Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is a prop nightie?

Cate likes cows.

News Flash: John Della Bosca’s girl has been identified (that took longer than usual). She is a person who previously dated Paul Livingstone (Flacco) and then took up with JDB. The pictures of both these gentlemen tell a story. This is a girl with some issues.

Also pictured is a Murmeltier. Merisi says that they live in the woods in Austria. She would not lie about something as important as this. I shall keep my eyes peeled.

I took A and M to Kahlenberg to see the view of Wien. It took some time as I got hopelessly and comprehensively lost. This included driving on the wrong side of the road and nearly killing us all and some poor sod in a BMW (who took it very well all things considered).

The problem is that I could not program the map thingy in the car to take us where we needed to go so I guessed wrong with the destination – (and on more than one occasion).

What I should have done (as I know now) is just put in Grinzing and then beetle up the mountain. I will do this next time.

It took us more than an hour to travel 10 kilometers. I am accustomed to this. I am – without doubt – and I will back myself against anyone else on the planet – the world’s worst navigator.

Sissi spent the entire day jumping over the balcony and prowling about the roof. I worried for a while but every half hour or so she would come back to check on me and her mother and then scuttle off again.
We will just have to live with this as there is no way of stopping her without closing the terrace doors. I will get her chipped and tagged very quickly in case she does a runner.

Last night I made some Wiener Schnitzel. Not as good as it could have been. The head came off my meat mallet so I could not get them thin enough. Jumping up and down on them in my hiking boots did not work because of the ripple tread on the soles.
From the Daily Telegraph:

“TOP actress Cate Blanchett was injured during a fight scene in a play last night, forcing the cancellation of the Sydney performance mid-show. The mother of three was hit on the head by a 1950s-style prop radio as she scuffled with co-star Joel Edgerton in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Sydney Theatre Company. The 40-year-old was bleeding from the back of the neck and used a prop nightie to stem the flow as she continued her lines”.

I have but one question - “prop nightie?” What is a “prop nightie” and how does it differ from a “nightie”? Merisi?

A and M are going to see the marching horses today at the Spanish Riding School (shouldn’t this be in Madrid or Seville?).


  1. Sorry, can't help. I wear Chancel N°5.

  2. I missed the Spanish Riding School as they take winter holidays. Wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway :(

  3. i'm pretty sure that's lenny in the first photo

  4. I was talking about Murmeltiere in the Wald? - Oopsie! No idea what I was thinking when I was not thinking. :-(

    There are marmots in Austria's mountain, though: You have to climb beyond the tree zone to find them (and yes, they are whistling among themselves, but will disappear into their burrows when you whistle!).

    Friendly Alps mouse whistles! ;-)